About the Apocalypse Girls

The Girls Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse came about over Twitter. There was general agreement that a group of such well-prepared women should share their knowledge with the world to help worthwhile survivors everywhere make the best of the end of the word (as we know it).

Also, it sounded like a laugh.

Site was designed by Ro Smith, additional widgets by K.A.Laity, start up and maintenance by Adele ‘hagelrat’ Wearing. GGSA runs on love, enthusiasm and the amazing efforts of the writers, artists and bloggers involved.

Lock and load.

Adele Wearing/ Honeybadger, reviewer, transport officer, zombie queen, feral leader.  http://www.unboundblogzine.com/

Cat Connor / Foxglove: kiwi author of The _Byte series – an FBI thriller series with the kick-ass psycho-prophetic protagonist SSA Ellie Conway http://catconnor.wordpress.com//

Catherine Hill / Hekate: Former history student, current library worker, avid reader and lover of the fantastical. She rambles about things at http://www.catherinetjhill.blogspot.com/

Dana Fredsti / Doomsdana: Writer, swordswoman, crazy cat lady and wino. www.danafredsti.com

Fran Terminiello / Fran: Writes fantasy of the noirish variety, plays with swords at every opportunity. http://franterminiello.wordpress.com/

GClarkHellery / Geri: Nomad, geek, NaNoWriMo lover, writer of fantasy/sci-fi/horror, shoe & hat collector, Apocalypse prepared. Check out what makes me giggle at http://www.geraldineclarkhellery.com/

Jenny Barber / Battleaxebunny: slush reader, tomb raider obsessive, history student and rabid genre fan. http://www.jennybarber.co.uk/

K.A.Laity / Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth writes just about any damn thing she pleases and that’s how she got where she is today: living the high life in Galway on the Fulbright Foundation’s dime with a long list of publications. http://www.kalaity.com/

Lizzie / Kaitharshayr: Massive geek, computer gamer, roleplayer, writer and knitter. She blogs about her interests at http://kaitharshayr.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @kaitharshayr

Lou Morgan / Daystar: is hopeless with technology and is never knowingly underprepared for the apocalypse. Unless it comes in the shape of something technological, in which case, she’s screwed. Her first novel, “Blood & Feathers” will be published by Solaris Books in 2012, and she blogs at http://www.loummorgan.wordpress.com/.

Marguerite Kenner / Green Valkyrye: By day, Marguerite is an executive admin. for a large intellectual property law firm. By night, she’s an avenging hero with superpowers such as rock climbing, aikido, bellydancing, classical percussion, voice narration, editing RPGs, sewing costumes, and reading anything and everything. You can find out what’s on her mind at http://projectvalkyrie.wordpress.com, or Twitter as @MuseofChaos.

Nadine / Madnad – Webmistress, Michael Sheen fan. Likes Horror, SciFi, Fantasy, Werewolves, swearing, kicking ass, & Maine. Mrs @Pablocheesecake http://madnaduk.blogspot.com/

Ren Warom: Certified Pirate-Nun, mum of three spawn and slave to several cats. She writes really freaky shit. Some of it’s getting published, some wants to be, the rest you can read here: http://renwaromsumwelt.wordpress.com/

Ro Smith/Apocalypse Womble is a philosopher, writer, artist, and reviewer of science fiction and fantasy in all its glorious forms. She once gave a lecture on Existentialism and Terminator 2 – she still can’t believe real people let her do this. When the apocalypse comes she’ll know everything there is to know about growing onions and making ugly-ass rugs.

Sammy H.K Smith: Detective, reader, writer, animal lover, domestic goddess and, among other things,  amateur archer. She rambles, a lot: http://www.sammyhksmith.wordpress.com/

Sara Smith/ Storm Vixen: Geeky, techy type, certified (possibly certifiable) shaman, long time musician with a slight obsession for all things Norse. Lives in The North. Unbroken track record of surviving 100% of what life, and apocalypses, throw at her. Mostly found on Facebook but occasionally on Twitter or when time allows on her blog.

Kate Coe / Goggles: attributes include DIY enthusiast, military historian and petrolhead. Knows one end of a screwdriver from the other, and can fix anything if you accept that ‘fix’ = ‘patch up with duct tape’. Also a librarian, blogger, book reviewer, writer…you had better not even think about burning the books to keep warm! Can be found on Twitter and www.writingandcoe.co.uk

The Apocalypse Girls brochure for altfiction is sponsored by the Fullbright grant and K.A.Laity

2 Responses to About the Apocalypse Girls

  • Arwen says:

    Dear Apocalypse Girls,

    I love your blogs! I am leaving you this comment because recently, I launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to produce a magazine of Post-Peak short fiction, articles, and artwork. Post Peak is designed to provide a platform for people interested in discussing issues relating to the upcoming Post Peak World. I am hopeful that, since this project seems right up your ally as Post Peak is definitely an apocalyptic senario, you might mention the project here and/or in your blog so that we could approach a wider audience with our project. Not only are we looking for financial donations to the Kickstarter, we’re also looking for submissions of stories, essays or artwork from those interested!


    Thank you for your time and support, as well as your awesome collection of creative works!

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