Apocalypse Olympics

by GClarkHellery

In case you missed it the other day, the apocalypse girls were having a little chat on Twitter about a possible Apocalypse Olympics which got me thinking: what sort of games would we have at the games? I’ve made a list of possible events but feel free to add more in the comments section below.

  1. Speed packing. How quickly can you pack your evac bag with all your survival items?;
  2. Running from zombies (in heels) one for a giggle;
  3. Werewolf wrestling;
  4. Know your idols speed naming competition;
  5. Shoot the clown;
  6. Bow and arrow assault course. First part would be traditional archery, followed by different challenges using different parts of your bow, perhaps chop the head off the zombie with the string etc;
  7. Pin the tail on the (undead) donkey;
  8. Long jump, over a pit of man eating slugs;
  9. Aliens attack, laser tag;
  10. Going back for the cat. How many animals can you herd into the correct pens.

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