Apocalypse Warning!

The Apocalypse has begun and we never saw this coming!
Reports are coming in from survivors in Scotland that the Wild Haggis, tired of years of being hunted as a Burns night delicacy has turned the tables and is now hunting down the inhabitants of Scotland and gorging on human intestines.
Isolated attacks started in the Highlands a week ago and have since spread across the country with these creatures moving on mass into built up areas.
The Haggis is a small creature, which due to it’s preferred hillside territory evolved legs shorter on one side than the other. They were previously considered not to be dangerous. Their restricted movement made them easy prey however appears they are overcoming issues of direction and balance by crab stepping across the country.
Reports are showing injuries to the lower legs and throat as well as the victims stomachs being opened and intestines either devoured or pulled out of the body. We assume from this that the small creatures are felling people by attacking the legs first, killing them by ripping the throat and then taking their time with a pointed comment on their own fate at our hands.
So far they have been unable to cross the border but it seems inevitable that at some point they will figure out that Hadrian’s wall is no longer the barrier it once was and England will fall.
We have no reports of anyone having survived a direct attack or escaping after visual contact with a Haggis, the information we have comes from small groups of survivors who have found the remains from earlier massacres.
No one has made it out of Scotland since this began but the GGSA has received emails and photos. The Haggis’ have organised, setting traps and ambushes, attacking cars full of fleeing families and rampaging through busy tourist attractions using panic and terror to confuse their victims.
Troops are being prepared and will be sent to defend the border but you should prepare yourselves for attack. The Haggis is small, resourceful and utterly utterly deadly. Scotland has been given up as lost, any survivors need to get to the army camps at the border before cleansing begins.
We will keep the site live as long as possible and post information on gathering points as well as updates as they come in. If you have information or have anything that will work against this unforeseen and terrifying threat please contact us and gods help us all.

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