Apocalypses not otherwise specified: Drop Bears

Drop Bears are a serious threat. Small bears that reside in trees in Australia. It’s in the name really, they drop from heights and devour their victims in a bloody massacre and they are on the increase.

A Drop Bear apocalypse is the sort of thing no one would see coming. Literally, really who looks up anymore?

Check out the Drop Bear Aware bog for more information on drop bears and their habits.

If there is a Drop Bear apocalypse, if they get out of Australia you are going to need to take precautions. Hard hats for a start. It’s a simple, inexpensive thing that could save your life! You may want to consider a lot more kevlar in your wardrobe and don’t get too relaxed in the home, drop bears can drop from anything, door frames, ladders, curtain poles.  They are evil and tricky and want to at your flesh.

Not much is really known about them, so really all I can advise is hard hats while you do the perimeter checks each night, stay away from trees in the dark and if you are forced to camp out at the end of the world keep an eye on the sky people.

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