Armour up!

Take two high-density plastic punch daggers in to the shower or just the one? A question that I know,vexes many a combat ready chica. After all, you never know when the apocalypse is gonna rock up and ruin pamper time.

But enough of weapons. I know, that sounds weird…unfeminine even. Don’t mistake me: I look back fondly to the dim and distant past when my child eyes would light up at the array of crossbows, shiny baseball bats, and Lacrosse sticks (for the specialists), hanging from the walls of the local sporting goods shop. I was so young, my head so full of girlish fancy that I never even considered…Armour.

Yes peeps, you know what I’m talking about. Not chainmail bikinis, they’re nothing more than lingerie. No. I’m talking about proper Heavy Metal, the kind of kit that is going to protect you when you’re reaching for your backup and knee-deep in gribblies.

“Wait a minute!” I hear you cry. “I can’t wear that! Not only would it slow me down, but it is way too old skool.”

Okay, I admit it, I’m a little anachronistic. When it comes to personal protection there are alternatives to ye olde tin that don’t involve wings.

Kevlar is lightweight, it doesn’t rust or corrode, and is pretty damn good at protecting you from puncture type threats, including nasty zombie teeth.

What makes this material, developed by Dupont even more the discerning Apocalypse Girl’s best lightweight armour friend is that it was invented by a woman: Stephanie Kwolek.

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