Aunty Apocalypse answers your questions: #2

Aunty is back to answer more apocalypse questions. Tweet your queries to @apocalypsegirls or leave them in the comments here for the next column.

From @SheOfTheStars:
@ApocalypseGirls How much pepper spray should I stock up on? Will a Beretta 92′ be an adequete firearm & do grenades come in pink? 🙂

Aunty and her small arms expert Foxglove said:
With regards to pepperspray, you just need two cans, a back up is always good, then you make your own, carry a coffee grinder, although this recipe doesn’t even need that.

Beretta 92 series are perfectly adequate 9mm weapons. #PinkGrenades #IWantSome

Well, you can have guns colored pretty much any color you want… try here 🙂

From @gary_riddle1
@ApocalypseGirls if a vampire was bitten by a zombie would it become more or less dangerious?

vampires need living blood to keep them young and zombies are no longer prone to infection, so it’s not a problem. However a recently fed vampire might be mistaken for living and be bitten by a zombie, and being already dead I would expect an increase in it’s appetite and to see zompires devouring entire bodies, leaving only clean picked bones.

From @Cazzylina
@ApocalypseGirls I am addicted to chocolate. Apart from building up a(nother) stash in a bunker, what tips does Aunty have for addicts?

@Cazzylina hmm addiction in tough in an apocalypse. I suggest you stash not only chocolate but look into vacuum sealing some cocoa beans and have them stashed near fairly apoc proof land marks to dig up when the worst is over so you can get a crop growing. Finally hot chocolate powder, not great but will do in a pinch and is light and easy to carry. x

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