Aunty Apocalypse answers your questions:

by Honeybadger (Aunty may change post to post)

Thanks to @Pornokitsch for these via twitter

PK: What six apps do I need for the apocalypse?

Aunty: ooh apps is a good question, we shall address this on the blog after a couple of days research. (bottom of this post)

PK: Cricket bat or baseball bat? Which is better for zombies?

Aunty: baseball, it’s got a better swing and is more aerodynamic. also, zombies just aren’t cricket.

PK: How many pairs of socks should I pack in my emergency kit?

Aunty: you need three pairs of socks, the ones you have on and two pairs of hiking socks so you always have a dry pair

PK: Which canned products are the most enjoyable after six years in an underground bunker?

Aunty: you only really need to hide in a bunker for about a year, and you will be sick of everything canned by then, but make sure you stock some canned fruit because you may need the sugar.

Apps then:
Aunty Apocalypse does the research so you don’t have to.

First of all you have no idea where you will end up on your travels, so it’s important to have a good gps app.
There are some excellent ones out there for a fee, but to be honest google map is pretty good and can even tell you where Nero’s was (there may still be coffee) so why pay out even post apocalypse if you don’t have to. Techradar recommend the Tom Tom app if you want to pay for something.

You want to keep up with what’s going on, if the phones are still working so apps aren’t rendered totally useless anyway, then twitter is probably your best bet for a quick snapshot of the situation. you probably already have a favourite twitter client, mine is Tweetdeck, though I also use twitter’s own for when TD is being a pain. I like tweetdeck for the multiple column set up, everything in one instant, nice and neat.

You want to know what is going on come the apocalypse, as long as news channels survive. I recommend Reuters although I personally avoid news as much as possible. Still, come the apocalypse I will probably regret not downloading this.

You are not going to lug your whole library with you in boxes come the apocalypse, so get yourself an app and shove as many books on as you can. I use ibooks and kindle, but Stanza also come highly recommended. Mashable has an excellent top five breakdown for reading apps so you can make your own decision.

It’s going to be a long apocalypse. I suggest something simple, Angry Birds or Tetris perhaps, simple and addictive, just endlessly trying to outdo yourself. It’ll help on those long nights of watch duty trust me.

ok this may sound nuts, but when you are on the road and fighting zombies, shelter can be a tricky issue. Is it worth risking a fire or is it not really that cold? Is it essential to forage several days food and find cover to wait out a sudden snowstorm? These things matter. gigaom gives a good round up of the best ones and i’d probably just go with the weather channel.

So there you go, 6 apps every apocalypse survivor needs.
Honeybadger out.

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