Easter Bonnet for the Apocalypse

by GClarkHellery
My mum recently sent me some old photos and the pictures which brought the biggest smile were the ones in my various Easter bonnets, which got me thinking, instead of the tulips, chicks and more which graced my hats as a child, what would an apocalypse Easter bonnet look like? So, after much crafting this afternoon, I present, my Apocalypse Easter Bonnet, with a killer robot, zombies, monsters, vampire chics and man-eating tulips! 
Wishing you a chocolate, non-blood filled Easter!
And the zombie Easter bunny says hi too!

Preparing for Disaster: The GO Bag

Preparing for a Disaster

To prepare for anything from a hurricane or an earthquake you will need a disaster kit. In your disaster kit is your Go-bag (24-72 hours), Med Kit, Extra eRats (longer than 3 days), and the Bag O’ Evil (weapons of mass protection). Put the following items together in a backpack or another easy to carry container in case you must evacuate quickly. Prepare one Go-bag for each family member and make sure each has an I.D. tag. You may not be at home when an emergency strikes so keep some additional supplies in your car and at work, considering what you would need for your immediate safety.

A “Go bag” goes by many names, Wikipedia prefers “Bug-out bag“, the military likes “Bail-out bag”, and I’ve been known to use “GTFO bag” (Get The F!@# Out). In the end, all the names serve the same purpose. Having a completely pre-placed, pre-packed bag that is ready to simply pick up and go. Hopefully, it will contain everything you need to survive on the short-term (24-72 hours), until the emergency subsides (unlikely if the undead are wandering around or an alien invasion) or until you can get to a bigger cache of supplies (find the resistance or survivors).

A normal Go-bag will contain personal information that might be used to find loved ones, identify medical needs, and possible help get you into other countries. A GTFO bag or Bug-out bag for an apocalypse is a completely different animal. It can be lightweight or heavy for more long-term surviving. It is also just a part of your ultimate survival KIT.

So today, we are going to talk about just the Go bag, GGSA style. You can modify the pack as much as you like. I just recommend looking up and researching what would be best for you.

  1. Flashlight with extra batteries
  2. MP3 player for kicking ass soundtrack
  3. Spare pair of sunglasses that make you look bad-ass
  4. Gas Mask (bio agents or poisoned air) see First Aid kit for bio-warfare counter agents.
  5. Water, at least one liter per day per person
  6. eRats- Emergency Rations, MRE’s, Backpack meals, or energy bars.

Clothing- GGSA’s tend to be fashion forward, however, in an emergency save your ass first fashion second. These are the must haves:

1. Shit kickers ( I have bejeweled Hello Kitty on the side of mine)

2. Bandana and gloves

3.Cargo pants (not jeans and with a quality leather belt)

4. Two (2) shirts (short and long for layering)

5. Kick ass sunglasses.  Think of how the Terminator must have felt , if he could feel. A good pair of kick ass looking sunglasses ramps up a persons confidence.

6. Shelter- Tent or tarp, Mylar blankets and collapsible sleeping bags.

7. First Aid Kit- will go in to more detail later

8. Slim Jim or Lock pick set. Yes I know Slim Jims are illegal, but its the end of life as we know it. Bend a little.

9. Emergency Fire starter

10. Cooking pot: small pot or large metal cup to boil water.

11. Survival knife may not be large machete but a 4-10″ knife to use for survival stuff

12. Side Arm: Pistol, gun that can kill something to eat or maim to run away from.

Now this is just a few of the items you need to have if you survive the initial wave of death and devastation.

Accessories for the Apocalypse | The T Virus

by honeybadger

I ordered myself a couple of necklaces to go with my apocalypse girl wardrobe this year and I have to share this one.

My own little vial of the T Virus, in case of emergency break glass. I know, you’d think the antidote would be a better plan, but in fairness you don’t know how many times recently i’ve wanted to start the zompoc. 
Can’t wait for it to arrive and it came from this range by Geekoutlet on Etsy. 

Zombie Attack Shoe Tips

Yes, remember ladies… the zombie apocalypse could strike at any time.

Make sure your undead escape shoes are always to hand and don’t let those nasty zombies ruin your heels.

Without sounding like a panic monger…

Howdy folks,

Foxglove here.
After a lucky escape over the weekend I feel the need to share…
I’m pretty certain I have a handle on where the zombie plague is going to come from and may have unwittingly exposed myself on Sunday morning.
The plague is coming from China.
Yes, that’s right.
The same country that bought you hair ties made from old condoms, soft toys stuffed with bandages and melamine in baby formula – now they give us zombie plague spread by mold spores on birthday candles.
What have I learned from opening the sealed package containing the candles and hairy assed mold?
Let’s add protective suits, heavy duty latex gloves, and masks to our survival kits and before opening anything that looks at all suspect (or like it was made and packaged in China) gear up!
Anthrax is no longer our primary threat via packages and mail!
Zombie Apocalypse – made in China.
Threats are all around us.
Be aware!

What do you have in your handbag?

Foxglove here – let’s have a chat about handbags.

So you’re in a situation where all hell has broken loose and people are either turning on each other or, well, trying to eat your delicious brain right out of your skull:

What’s in your handbag/shoulder bag/back pack and pockets?

Let me tell you… what you’re carrying could make all the difference in an apocalyptic situation. I don’t wanna be overly dramatic here but you don’t want to be the one with nothing but lip balm and a wallet full of useless plastic. (The plastic isn’t entirely useless but more about that shortly.)

Let’s start with what’s in my shoulder bag…

A wallet and ID – you wanna put cash in that wallet – just in case you ever need it again.

Phone – keep it charged.

Nail file, a nice sturdy metal one. Emory boards are great for buffing your nails but at this point we want useful survival gear.

Notebook and two pens. – for making notes, for leaving notes in a dead drop for other survivors. (Gather your friends and family, decide where the dead drops will be and which home is the safest and easiest to defend – think ahead.)


Keys. - not only will they let you back into your home (which could well become your fortress) but they make a mighty fine close quarters weapon.

Lip balm with a spf of 15 or higher.

Postcards/business cards - very handy if you want someone to know you were there without leaving an actual note. Or, thinking about the bored apocalyptic person – they might need a good book, wouldn’t hurt that it’s yours they track down.

A small plastic bag first aid kit containing: latex gloves, wound dressings, iodine solution, saline, scissors, a roll of micropore, sterile gauze swabs, strapping tape, sticking plasters, pain killers, girl things*.

Another small bag with personal emergency medication: migraine meds etc

Comb or hair brush. -Just because there’s an apocalypse there is no need to let standards drop too far.

Bottle of calming blend oil. – Trust me.

Mirror. What’s really good are those hinged double mirrors – one magnifies one normal. You can use the mirror to see around corners, check under things, blind someone, start a fire, check your makeup…

Pocket knife. – Swiss army type or a multi-tool would be the most use.

A lighter. - fire is your friend. Cooking a few zombies might be your only escape option – use fire wisely and always leave yourself a safe exit.

Torch. – Preferably a small LED wind up or friction charged one.

Sun glasses.

Snacks – A couple of muesli bars or a little bag of scroggin. – you will need the energy!

Think about what you carry every day… and how useful it could be in an emergency.

Awesome right?

You never knew you were so prepared, did ya?

Now that chick over there – the one with her wallet in her hand, sunglasses on her head, and phone in her pocket… she’s going to do it hard. Keep the hell away from her. She’s what I like to call zombie fodder. Not smart enough to live but you can use her to buy some time.

*Tip one: If you are going to carry a bag make sure it goes over your head and one shoulder or is a backpack. You’re going to need your hands free.

*Tip two: ALWAYS carry tampons and pads not only for the obvious but they make great emergency dressings.

*Tip three: the useless store cards and credit cards – get the nail file and sharpen the top and one long edge of a few of the cards. They make handy knives in a pinch.

Foxglove out.

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