Movie Week – The Day After Tomorrow

(posted by Daystar)

Because as every good geek knows, the safest place in the world is a library.

Frozen helicopters! Tankers adrift in Manhattan! Tornadoes! Wolves! Whisky! Dennis Quaid in snow-shoes! All this, and a man with a dog…
The end of the world doesn’t get any chillier than this…
—Daystar out—

Movie Week – The Stuff

by Honeybadger

Now I admit that mining marshmallow fluff is unlikely to be the actual cause of the apocalypse, but because you really should consider everything for it’s potential to destroy mankind, I give you The Stuff. A terrible aussie b movie that has no redeeming features and yet occupies a special place and certain rewatch value in my otherwise calloused and unfeeling heart.

‘What you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to EAT IT, that’s all; you eat it and eat as much of it as you can and you KEEP eating it!’

Consider next time you tuck into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, it may be more than just your waistline at stake and remember ‘you just can’t get enough, of that wonderful Stuff’.

Honeybadger out