Quiet Beginnings

I like to think that the end of the world will come, not with a bang, but with bird song.

You’ll be walking along, doing your own thing, when you’ll notice that a creeping quiet has descended upon you. Where’s the dull roar of distant traffic? Where’s the thrumming of planes in the sky? When did all the clatter stop?

You’ll look up from your little slice of life and notice you are – quite suddenly – alone in a great empty world, with only the soft sparrow-chirping in the treetops to comfort you.


Cockneys v Zombies

Oh, you knew it was just a matter of time! Looky there, Avenger and Bond Girl (and overdue for GGSA Idol status) Honor Blackman stars with stalwart Richard Briers and the legendary Alan Ford — and a bunch of young folks — in the latest zombie apocalypse with a twist and a few guffaws. You can bet the Apocalypse Gals will be there!

Cockneys v Zombies: the trailer (h/t to Lochee for the heads up!)



~Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth

Zombie Tarot Cards: link

You know us and zombies. Of course you do.

So when we saw the fantastic LizUK‘s review of these zombie tarot cards over on Geek Syndicate, we knew we had to share it with you!


… Big amounts of kudos to the designers and creators of the deck – it’s definitely something very different. It’s a great item to buy for yourself or a friend(s) who a) like zombies b) worry about the next move during the coming zombie apocalypse or c) just needs something utterly and completely different in their lives.


That sounds like you guys, right?


By the way, we love the Geek Syndicate boys and their team: if you’ve not been, you should definitely take a look at their site. All flavours of geekawesome catered for.

Thanks to Liz and GS for giving us the OK to share the zombie tarot love!


—Daystar out—

Zombie Preparation for fun and education

So you,like me have been thinking about the end of the world. What if it’s chemical, or nuclear, what if it’s machines. Still I keep coming back to zombies, i’m not sure why.
But here are a few things I have picked up trawling pinterest that have amused me and I wanted to share.

Seriously, we all want one of these don’t we? One in every room and under your desk at the office? Just in case?
Although mine would have a fold up shovel and a sword in it.

heehee, yeah, I like it. We need UK ones, that count even without a zombie apocalypse. You seem like a zombie to me and I have a license. mwahahaha.

So many days at work. Seriously. Telling me you’ve never sat in a meeting and thought… a zompoc would get me out of this? I have. I’ve even sat there contemplating my exits, whether i’d try and take the others with me or just leave them to be eaten. This, people, is how I pass the time.

You need good rules people. They can save your life. Rules are the foundation of survival. Every house needs to set rules, post them up on the fridge with the kids pictures and be prepared.

I just love this, I am no where near artistic enough, but it’s very, very cool. Also, makes me think she wants to bite you.

Sadly I don’t have the original sources for all these, but love the work people are doing on the zompoc. You have favourite zombie stuff you want to share? Use the comments. 🙂

Shovels and their many uses

Shovels are your friend.

Come the zombie apocalypse they are weapons, sharp enough to take a head off, don’t need reloading, you don’t even need to be good with the thing, no skill here folks, just ram it at them roughly neck height and don’t let go of the handle. In fact it doesn’t need to be zombies, a good whack around the skull or ramming the edge into the throat and you can dispense more than just the animated dead.

You can dig holes to hide your stash of emergency supplies whether you suss out whether the new people are safe or not, hell you can dig holes to sleep in and cover yourself in leaves at a pinch so you can remain safely hidden while you sleep.

Shallow graves, say you are out training for the zompoc with your friends and umm, oops, didn’t mean to do that, quickly hide the evidence.

Strange and unpleasant substances? Poke it or shove it with your shovel, see if it moves or you know, attacks. If it does attack, whack it. Of course they are also made for purpose for gardening, the one thing you can’t do without when ‘digging for when the canned goods run out’ is your shovel.

Make sure you have at least one and keep it somewhere accessible. I still haven’t told my mum the real reason I leave my garden tools so close to the back door is just in case of the zompoc, but that’s why it’s there.

You can even get cute little fold up shovels now you can fit into a back pack. How perfect is that?
Honeybadger out.

Review| The Kill Crew by Joseph D’Lacey

I don’t normally do this but i’m cross posting this from Un:Bound because it’s definitely one for my girls… strong female lead, end of the world, guns and stuff… Honeybadger out.

The Kill Crew
 by Joseph D’Lacey
 pub Stonegarden.net
 The five word review? ‘F*ck me that was great’.

Sheri volunteers on the kill crew regularly, she’s on it more than a lot of the men that volunteer and she’s damn good at it. Since the world went quiet it’s pretty much what keeps her going. Can’t say much more than that for fear of spoilers.

 D’Lacey does a superb job of little by little building the world post ‘event’, letting the reader in on what they need to know and creating the characters that matter. The knife edge between hope and inevitability is handled masterfully and I was held, rapt throughout. There are some nice twists and the action is mostly deceptively gentle in pace for a fairly violent story.

 Zombie fans, this is….. something wonderfully, deliciously different and yet still right up your street. It asks the questions zombie tales usually duck and hints at things that twist your head a little. In short, it’s brilliant, it’s tempting me to Meat even though the subject matter is a particular squick issue for me. I will perhaps read everything else he’s written first…. also, that cover, very Girls Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse.

Zombie Survival Can, review


First of all as a drink I have to say I prefer the taste of the zombie survival can to redbull or relentless. It has something of  a refresher sweets quality so it goes down easily.
As to the claims it makes on its handy ‘In case of zombie apocalypse’ guide.
‘Drink entire can contents to ensure speedy escape’
Hmm, I am not convinced the drink made me faster or even gave me more stamina for running. I felt no great burst of leg power after drinking and would require some convincing of this claim.
‘Fill can with rock, then throw can at zombie’
I have two issues with this, first, the time taken to fill the can’s small opening with small pebbles would probably allow zombies to gather and eat you. Second, it’s a small can of pebbles. It’s not going to destroy the brain or spinal column so throwing cans is unlikely to be an effective defence.
‘Substitute for gas mask in case of toxic cloud’
Frankly if I had a gas mask I’d hang on to it, however the empty can would contain a small additional air supply so in a pinch, with your face sealed off via plastic bag or masking tape, then the can could give you a few more moments to escape the cloud and unwrap your head. I’ll give them that one.
‘Use can to collect rain water, boil if necessary’.
Absolutely yes. Quite right, especially if you can find a piece of plastic to use as a funnel the can could be key life saving equipment.
‘Dispose of can properly, sounds of litter can alert zombies to your presence’
Always a good idea to clean up signs of your presence.
What they missed…
This is an energy drink and I must admit I am feeling buzzy and alert after drinking it, so I would recommend it for guard duty, those all important small hours of the morning when it’s so hard to stay sharp. A little extra buzz could save your life and the lives of everyone in your camp.
Overall then I’d say, it’s a little pricey and probably any energy drink would do, but the zombie survival can does come with a handy pictorial reminder of its uses and it a nice little liquid buzz. Worth having a couple in your bug out bag. Or just for really long meetings.

Locked in a toolshed surrounded by the zombie horde

What would you do? What would Mr T do – or Ms T in this case?

Build a 60lb bow from plastic pipe and get up on the roof of course! Even for the most DIY-challenged among us, this looks pretty simple.

Lap it up, suckas!


Fed up with all those schools and hospitals costing you money?

Sick of spiraling prices making food and rent unaffordable?

Worried about immigration? Self protection? Foreign assaults on your home soil?


VOTE ZOMBIE and you open your mind to a new way of unliving. No more bills, no more shortages, no more fear!

VOTE ZOMBIE and secure your country against the opposition – by eating them!

VOTE ZOMBIE and you can tax the banks that are oppressing the masses – by making them just like you!

VOTE ZOMBIE and you won’t need to worry about unemployed youf rioting in the streets – you can just infect and kill them!

Yes, when YOUR ballot paper comes, you just put a tick in the ZOMBIE box and you’ll never want for anything again.


We promise there will be BRAINS FOR ALL!

Wonderful words by Danie Ware with thanks to @Mercy and @ShapeThrower

Abed: The Film

by Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth

What would you do to keep your family alive?

We tend to think of the zombie apocalypse with pyrotechnics, unspooling in the crowded streets of big cities with ample armed forces in place to protect the citizens from the ravening hordes (at least at first). But what happens off in the periphery where people are left to their own devices?

From Familiar Productions LLC, director Ryan Lieske brings to life a gruesome little tale from acclaimed horror writer (and super-nice person) Elizabeth Massie. Abed offers a unique angle on the zombie narrative, one that focuses the horror on the human costs. In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that some of the folks involved in the film are friends and I was part of the Indiegogo project that funded its filming (and thus get a thanks along with all the funders in the credits). I think this will become more common as projects go direct to their potential audiences for funding and cut out the middle men.

For a film with a shoestring budget, it looks awfully good. There’s a texture and palette to the visuals that lends richness to the story. The acting is mostly quite natural and convincing, especially stars Rachel Finan (Meggie) and Daniel E. Falicki (Quint) who carry the film by providing its heart. I found Mama, played by Vicki Deshaw-Fairman, a little too mannered at times, but not distractingly so. There was an extra level of creepiness for me because it was filmed near where I grew up, so the familiarity of the landscape and accents made the story even more uncanny. Great make-up and art direction. The music by Tom Ashton enhances the atmosphere without ever overwhelming it.

I’ve watched a lot of horror films and find it rare to actually feel horror while watching one: Abed will fill you with horror. Like a lot of Massie’s tales it’s not initially the “in your face” kind, but subtly creeping up until you wonder how things got so bad. This is a truly unsettling story; not for everyone! Lieske and crew have done a wonderful job at bringing the story to life. You invest in the characters and believe in the lengths people will go to for the ones that they love. You’ll shudder. This film will stay with you. Well done.

It’s going to be making the rounds of festivals, so with luck news soon about distribution. Drop by their Facebook page for updates.

Buy the original story for 99¢