Tools for the Apocalypse: Zombie Tarot

by Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth

Got zombies? Need to predict their next move? You need the Zombie Tarot!

Our fave zombie novelist Dana Fredsti has reviewed the deck at length, which she calls, “cool, clever and beautifully illustrated.”

Lyn over at the Witch Blog has a wonderful video review of the brand new tarot deck designed for the vagaries of the undead apocalypse: Zombie Tarot. Let’s have the lovely Lyn take over:

Drop by the Witch Blog for all your witchy needs! Drop by Zhadi’s Den to keep up with Dana’s climb up the ladder of success. And pre-order your tarot deck today!

Medieval Irish Zombies?

by Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth

Tip o’ the hat to alert reader Terry Doherty who spotted this news story that suggests once again, as George Santayana wrote, that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it:

Did Zombies Roam Medieval Ireland?

Two 8th-century skeletons with stones shoved in their mouths suggest that the people of the time thought so


  • Archaeologists in Ireland have unearthed two 8th-century skeletons buried with stones stuck into their mouths.
  • They believe this could have been a way to ensure the dead did not rise up like zombies.
  • Bodies identified as revenants or the “walking dead” tended to be people who had lived as outsiders.

skeleton This 8th-century skeleton was found in Ireland recently with a large stone shoved in its mouth. Click to enlarge this image.

by Chris Read

Two early medieval skeletons were unearthed recently in Ireland with large stones wedged into their mouths — evidence, archaeologists say, that it was feared the individuals would rise from their graves like zombies.

The skeletons, which were featured in a British documentary last week, emerged during a series of digs carried out between 2005 and 2009 at Kilteasheen, near Loch Key in Ireland by a team of archaeologists led by Chris Read from the Institute of Technology in Sligo, Ireland and Thomas Finan from the University of St. Louis.

The project recovered a total of 137 skeletons, although archaeologists believe that some 3,000 skeletons spanning from 700 to 1400 are still buried at the site…

Read the rest at Discovery News.

Dana Fredsti’s Plague Town Pandemic Tour!

Dana Fredsti’s Plague Town Pandemic Tour

Dana Fredsti’s Plague Town Pandemic Tour 

Apocalypse Girls team up with Dana Fredsti for the Plague Town Pandemic Tour!

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Happy Hunting,
Dana Fredsti and Titan Books

Zombies vs Professors

by Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth

If only I’d seen the original call! But there’s still time for you to make your plans to attend if you need the academic approach to the Apocalypse. I wonder if they’ll be able to come up with a catchy song like Plants vs Zombies

Zombies vs. Professors: 

An Academic Symposium 

(April 13th-15th, 2012)

Indiana University/University of Louisville

Zombies seem to everywhere these days, and now they’re banging on the gates of the Academy . . .
The undead hordes have always represented a challenge to humanism and civility, to the humanities and civilization. Stalking the cultural horizon, they wreak havoc on notions of identity and agency, ideologies of expression, mechanisms of production and consumption, and boundaries of property and safety, culture and theory, bios and zoe, death and non-death.

But now it’s personal—they’re coming for us, threatening to feast on our student’s brains, tear through our professional identities, and rot our intellectual categories. Brain workers everywhere must rise together to shore up the defenses, firm up critical and analytic resources, develop new lines of inquiry and tactics of common cause.

This small conference, to be held in a secured site in Louisville, Kentucky, will aim to chart lost histories and craft novel escape routes; we seek researchers for a multidisciplinary discussion about the many facets of this phenomenon and its implications for our work and its future. To those ends, we seek papers in the following categories:

Zombies through history: cultural representations of the undead from antiquity to modernity; in both Western and non-Western contexts; approaches may be literary, art historical, anthropological, sociological, etc. (no vampires or werewolves, please)

Zombies in/as popular culture: zombies in literature, films, music videos, video games, graphic novels, flash mobs, etc.; zombies as avatars of capitalism, consumer culture, etc.; zombies and the public sphere, etc; zombie rules and zombie canon; etc.

Zombie science: virus theory, epidemiology, statistics, physiology, etc.; zombie manuals, anatomies, technical guides; zombie and science ethics; etc.

Zombie theory: zombie philosophy, zombie ethics, zombie history, etc.; zombies and political theory; zombies and sociology; zombies and the subject; zombies and race; etc.

The conference organizers seek papers that promote new thinking about cultural studies and cultural critique—adventurous work that moves beyond the parochialism of contemporary disciplinary apparatuses without compromising intellectual rigor. We also seek stylish approaches that would appeal to popular as well as academic audiences; we don’t want anyone to sacrifice intelligence for the sake of accessibility, but we do not think that these two terms are necessarily incompatible.

Edward P. Comentale (Indiana U)
Aaron Jaffe (U of Louisville)

Zombie 5k!

I discovered something yesterday called Run For Your Lives – a 5k Obstacle Course Zombie Race!

From reading the website it looks like flags are use to represent your health, when you’re running zombies will try and grab said flags. Lose all you’re flags while you’re time is recorded you can’t get any awards – probably because you know you’ve either been eaten by zombies or are infected with zombie plague! Probably the latter seeing as you’re still moving! 😉

Theres an apocalypse party at the end too.

I think this is an utterly great and fun sounding idea! (And I would totally get eaten because I’m not that fit!) I would love the opportunity to have a go at this one day (perhaps even as a zombie). It seems its only in the states at the moment however. Perhaps one day it will make it across the pond to the UK! 🙂

Anyone in the states signing/signed up to any of these?

Zombies, Run! – Excercising for the Apocalypse

by Apocalypse Womble

After I saw Batman Begins I decided that I needed to become a ninja, just like Batman. And it worked. I worked out and lost weight and got fit – the fittest I have been in my life. I still didn’t know shit about martial arts, but every time I looked at crisps or considered flaking on my run, I asked myself: ‘What would the ninja do?’ and it got me motivated.

For a bit. These things go in cycles. I got overconfident and lazy. I thought I could eat ALL the crisps, because I was fit like a ninja, and working out became so easy I somehow got to thinking I didn’t need to do it so much. So after keeping trim for a couple of years, I got fat again – fatter than I had been before I wanted to be a ninja. I noticed that my scores on the various zombie survival tests that float around the Internet were dropping. I realised that if the zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow I was no longer sure I would survive. Running at speed and maintaining stamina long-distance is a vital skill in the zompocalypse situation.

Briefly, I was motivated again. I was running to out-distance the zombies. O’course, I then discovered that my crappy joints had words to say about all this running, and I had to stop, but the essence of the idea was sound. You see, exercising is boring, and the targets of getting thin or being fit can seem ephemeral and theoretical in a world where what you want to be is fit and slim right now, and in fact being fit and slim requires consistent work over months or even years. On its own, your true motivation is rarely enough to keep you fit. You need another motivation – something that can make the boring work of exercise seem fun and worthwhile right now.

I liked pretending I was training to be a ninja. I liked running to get fit in case of zombie apocalypse, but the awesome people at Zombies, Run have gone one better. They have made jogging a game, a game in which you are outrunning zombies. And not only that, but you’re fighting to find the materials your base needs to survive, and you’re slowly uncovering a story – about what’s happened, about what the human race needs to do to survive. I’ll let the awesome makers of the game explain.

I heard about this months ago when the kickstarted for the project was launched. It’s had all the success it deserves. On Monday, 27th February it goes live, and I can’t think of any better way for a girl who cares about her survival to prepare for the apocalypse.

(Also, check out this awesome photoset.)

 – Apocalypse Womble out

Music for the Apocalypse #23: I Can’t decide, The Scissor Sisters

 by Apocalypse Womble

Party down with the Master, flying high above the ruins of New York and the radiation pits of Europe:

This tune is famous for its use in the above scene from ‘Last of the Time Lords‘, the finale of series three of the new Doctor Who, but you don’t have to be lost in a Whovian apocalypse of paradoxes, Time Lords, and Toclafane to enjoy this one. Found one of your friends trying to conceal a zombie bite? Well, you really ought to kill them before they change, but that’s a hard choice to make. Why not slap on ‘I can’t decide’ to set the mood?Looks like I’m not the only one who’s thought of this:

Incidentally, this video has a random two minutes of black silence stuck on the end. No idea why, but NotEvenYours appears to be the only person on the Internet who thought of combining ‘I can’t decide’ with The Night of the Living Dead, so they win the pize of our attention for the effort, anyway.

 – Apocalypse Womble out

The Princess and the Very High Room

by Apocalypse Womble

Wherever you find yourselves, ladies, keep your wits about you and you will always be able to turn your situation to your advantage.

 This princess is apocalypse ready, are you?

 – Apocalypse Womble out.

AK47 + chainsaw = win

You know us.

We’re the ones who’ll appear out of nowhere in the middle of the apocalypse (quite possibly rappelling down from a pink helicopter with Honeybadger at the controls… girl’s got skillz) and shout “Come with us if you want to live,” while looking fabulous.

But sometimes, we’re less about the glamour and more about the Getting Things Done.
This? This will definitely Get Things Done.

We want one.
Actually, we want fifty.
(For more on this, head over to Gizmodo…)
—Daystar out—

Music for the Apocalypse #19: The Zombie Song

Just because it’s the zombie apocalypse, doesn’t mean love is dead (although it might be a little undead…) And so, for a dose of musical fabulousness, have a listen to The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey.

“If I were a zombie, I’d never eat your brain…”

I blame our mighty leader Honeybadger for this one entirely as The Zombie Song was used in the closing credits of the excellent Un:Bound Video Edition: Zombies (otherwise known as what happens when Leicester is over run by zombies in the middle of an author interview…)

And it’s such a wonderfully catchy song…

“If I were a zombie, I’d never eat your brain.
I’d just want your heart, yeah I’d want your heart…”

Battleaxebunny out.