Christmas Playlist of the Apocalypse

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope out there in your bomb shelters, bolt holes, or robot sweatshops you’re all bringing the holiday cheer to the darkest time of the year. The apocalypse may have come, but wherever there is tinsel there’s a bit of Christmas spirit.

It was always the tradition in our house to pop a Christmas CD on whilst we decorated the tree, and it’s doubly important to maintain the rituals of civilisation now that central government infrastructures have collapsed. So, to help get everyone in the mood of celebrations whilt you chow down on your rations and watch the fire in the burnt out TV, here’s the Christmas Playlist of the Apocalypse:

To view on YouTube, go here.

Track List
#1 Christmas at Gound Zero, by Weird Al Yankovic
#2 Stop the Cavalry, by Jona Lewie
#3 Carol of the Old Ones, by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society
#4 Chiron Beta Prime, by Jonathan Coulton
#5 Death to the World, by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society
#6 A Post Apocalyptic Christmas, by Art Elliot
#7 Little Rare Book Room, by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society
#8 Post Apocalypse Christmas, by Gruff Rhys
#9 Old Men’s Brains (A Zombie Christmas), by Julie Webster
#10 The Night Santa Went Crazy, by Weird Al Yankovic
#11 Nuclear Winter, by The Department of Public Safety
#12 Silent Night, Blasphemous Night, by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society
#13 The Power of Love, by Frankie goes to Hollywood
#14 Have Yourself a Scary Little Solstice, by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society

 – Apocalypse Womble out.

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