Cocktail Cabinet of the Apocalypse #1: the Nuclear Fallout

A modern classic, this cocktail requires a steady hand and a well-stocked cabinet. Pay close attention to your temperatures, or the layering effect won’t work!

Ingredients (serves 1):
1 tsp raspberry syrup
1/4 measure maraschino
1/4 measure yellow Chartreuse
1/4 measure Cointreau
1/2 measure well-iced blue Curacao
Chill all liqueurs, but put the blue Curacao in the coldest part of the freezer (or, if in the midst of a nuclear winter, on the doorstep outside. Not too far out, though: you don’t want to risk frostbite in your fingers from retrieving it…). Chill a shot glass.
Carefully pour the drinks in layers over the back of a teaspoon – except the blue Curacao.
When ready to serve, slowly pour in the Curacao over the back of the teaspoon… and wait for the fallout!
—Daystar out—

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