Cocktail Cabinet of the Apocalypse #4: Irn-Brute

by Katemandi, Last Girl on Earth

When the apocalypse comes most soft drinks will be lost. Mere carbonated bevvies just can’t survive that kind of mayhem. Only IRN-BRU, the drink made from girders, will survive. You will be distilling alcohol in a Baroque system of tubes that used to supply your refrigerator with freon, so it will taste like mole vomit anyway. Irn-Bru will make it taste like a slightly more appetizing creature’s boak.

The recipe is simple:

  • Get Irn-Bru.
  • Fill a cracked pint glass halfway with your post-apocalyptic moonshine.
  • Add Irn-Bru to the glass until it reaches the pint line.
  • Agitate.
  • Swill.
  • Hope you don’t go blind.
  • Repeat as needed.

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