Cocktail Cabinet of the Apocalypse #5: Chocolate Crossbow

For this recipe you’re going to need chocolate. Lots of it. This is never a bad thing.

You’ll also need to find some milk – powdered will do in a pinch, goats milk might work, evaporated milk could be interesting and condensed milk will likely make all your teeth drop out so your best bet for optimum taste is classic cow’s milk. That’s if you can find yourself an uninfected cow… Whichever variant you use, this is a drink that’s going to give you a good dose of your daily calcium and required fats so it totally counts as a health drink. Oh yes it does.

Ingredients: (serves 3. Or 1 if you’re really thirsty.)

150g milk chocolate bar
210ml (just over 7fl oz) milk
75ml (2 1/4fl oz) vanilla syrup
3 squares of milk chocolate
3 martini glasses (or 1 pint glass)


Place the milk in a non-stick saucepan and heat on a gentle simmer.

Break half of the chocolate bar into squares (resist the temptation to nibble) and add into the milk. Stir the milk and chocolate gently and continuously to create a liquid chocolate mixture. (Try not to burn your tongue when the temptation to taste gets to great…)

Allow to cool for one hour at room temperature and then store in fridge. (Or in the coolest place you can find.)

Pour the cool milk mixture into a cocktail shaker and add the vanilla syrup. Shake over ice for 1 minute and double-strain into martini glass.

Make an insertion in the back of the chocolate squares and place one at an angle on the edge of each martini glass. (Or just save time and eat them…)

Drink and be merry…

Battleaxebunny out

(Original recipe from here)

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