Cutepocalypse – Undead Ducky

by Hekate

A wide variety of apocalypses have been covered on this blog so far. Zombies, aliens, natural disasters, werewolves.

What I’m sure none of us are expecting is for the apocalypse to be caused by something cute.*
How are we to combat something that is so utterly adorable we cannot bear to harm it, even as it destroys our species?
The answer is that we probably can’t.

Could you resist this?

This is my Undead Ducky.
It’s clear bullets won’t stop him and he has sharp teeth capable of biting.
But look how adorable he is!

The design (which I’ve slightly adapted to fit with what I had at home) comes from the Zombie Felties book. This book has instructions for creating various undead felt creatures you never knew you needed.

* Except (so far as I can tell from some anime I have seen) for the Japanese, they won’t be surprised. 
For all I know they’ve already built robots to deal with it.

Hekate out.

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