End of the world nutrition: the fleeing the city shop raid.

by honeybadger

It’s not going to be easy keeping your strength up, trust me, woman cannot live on baked beans alone. Your plan of hitting the supermarket on the way out? Everyone else will be doing the same and here’s the kicker, those tinned foods have very limited nutritional value.

Now I agree completely you need non perishables. I recommend you stock up well before with enough tinned foods and long lasting items like pasta at home, throw it all in the bag when you go. As for raids on your way out of town, i’ll tell you what stores i’ll be hitting.

GNC: purveyors of long lasting nutritional items like protein powders and bars, hydration tablets to add to water (much easier to carry than sports drinks) and vitamin supplements to stop you getting scurvy. Everything you need to stay fit and strong to fight, even if it’s not very exciting.

Holland & Barratt: more vitamins, things like all natural liquorice and that all important peppermint tea, you will want something soothing when your nerves are frayed. Also, more in the vitamin range and heaps of echinacea to help fend off bugs. it may not protect against the T Virus, but it’ll help you not get slowed down by a regular cold.

Julian Graves: the last bit of my nutrition arsenal. Dried fruit, flaked almonds, pumpkin seeds. Long lasting snacks that provide essential oils for your body, especially important for women. So never mind the supermarket, you should have a couple of weeks tins in your cupboard anyway, grab the things that will provide live saving nutrition in those first few weeks, after all, if you don’t survive long enough to establish a base with fellow survivors a few extra pot noodles will not save you in the long run.

Honeybadger out

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