Facing the end of the World

Ok Apocalypse fans, we are getting the bad back together.

In 2012 we started this project as a fun way of looking at the apocalypse from an alternate view point, all the manuals seemed to be by men. This was our Sarah Connor guide to the end of the world. Against a backdrop of the end of the Mayan calendar this was fun, a little flippant.

We have been quiet for a long time, because 2012 passed and life was busy and the future bright. Now however we feel perhaps we aren’t the only ones who need the GGSA again.

We hope to maintain our sense of fun, but there is a darker edge to the GGSA now, we are older, more cynical and working against a political backdrop that is, to say the least, less optimistic.

It is perhaps fitting then that the GGSA team are pulling on their combat boots and arming for bear on Inauguration Day.


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