Getting Around #2 – By Road

by battleaxebunny

For the most part, travelling by road will be both the easiest and most convenient option for your post-apocalyptic travel. If you can’t walk, you can roll, or ride or have someone else pull you along and, here, more than anywhere else, is where the right accessories will save you and your survival crew. Load your vehicle up with weapons, reinforce any windows with wire mesh, think about installing spikes and chains and decide in advance what it is you want to pimp your ride for. Speed is always a useful option but some situations need something with a little heft to charge through obstacles. With large survival groups a convoy of different vehicle types is recommended to give you greater adaptability to your environment and more options for escape when things go wrong.

Cars: One of the most popular options. Despite all evidence to the contrary, petrol can always be found somewhere, so always stock up on extra cans and be sure to take advantage of any traffic jams by siphoning necessary fuel from the other vehicles. Petrol also makes a useful trade good with other travellers but be sure to watch out for petrol bandits. An impressive looking weapon or stern glare will help with this.

Avoid push-starts when the weather’s bad (particularly when there’s a bank of nerve-gas fog with government controlled clean up squads wielding flamethrowers).
Don’t become too attached to a vehicle. If caught between gridlock and a herd of slow moving zombies, the best option is to ditch the car and run for the nearest working vehicle to the open road. As a bonus, use your abandoned car to your advantage by setting it to blow up when your pursuers get close.

Motorbikes: Whether it’s the standard road beast or the custom made vamp-priest model, bikes have the advantages of speed and manoeuvrability – because who wants to be stuck in traffic when there’s raving hoards of zombies, vampires or plague infected bastards chasing you.
And if speed and fancy moves won’t get you out of trouble, then your motorbike makes the perfect weapon for throwing at Lickers or oncoming trains of hostiles.

Bicycles: Plenty of manoeuvrability although not as fast as your other options. Handy for long trips as there is no danger of running out of fuel but limited to how much luggage you can take. (Although, as with any packing project, a little creativity will get you a long way.)

Bus, trucks & camper vans: Useful for transporting large amounts of people so you can travel with plenty of zombie-fodder. Er, friends. I meant friends. Just remember that large vehicles tend to become a death trap when killer crows come into play. They’re also slower and tricky to manoeuvre so reinforce the windows with metal mesh, gun turrets, spikes and any other heavy weaponry you can get your hands on.
And most importantly, know your exits and don’t let any children (or clumsy adults) near anything that isn’t firmly nailed to a surface in case they attract attention at the wrong time.

Trains: Whether electrical or steam, make sure you have ample time to get it started, and be aware of all onboard items in case you need to kill a stowaway.

Military Vehicles: Always an asset as they already come with the protection of increased armour and weaponry. Just be sure that your vehicle of choice has an engine in before you try and claim it or you’ll risk the embarrassment of being munched on by the raving hoards.

Skateboards & rollerskates: Not so good long distance but great for short range manoeuvrability in urban environments. What you lack in speed you’ll make up for with neat tricks that get rid of any pursuing nasties.

Horses: Some people like them. (Despite the lack of brake pedals or stereo system.) Perfect if your travels take you around rural environments and they have the benefit of fuelling themselves, leaving you more room for other luggage. Just don’t make the mistake of taking one that’s infected or secretly a fairy shapeshifter.

Ley Lines, ghost roads, spirit tracks and gateways: Speaking of fairies, rare as they are, a fairy wrought apocalypse will bring with it the added benefit of a reawakening of assorted Old Ways. Know your folklore and you’ll have an advantage when it comes to spotting the options available to you. If in doubt, look for standing stones and circles – if there’s not a gateway to another world, there will, at least, be access to one of the hidden roads. Useful for instant travel between access points just be sure to travel prepared for a fight as many exits are in remote places and will be natural attractions for fae hostiles.

Happy trails!

battleaxebunny out

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