Getting Around #3 – By Water

by battleaxebunny

Whether it’s escape down a river from a pack of the rabid infected, searching for a handy island to hide out on, setting up an offshore base to lure other survivors in for purposes of necessary experimentation or dealing with the sudden mass flooding of a watery apocalypse – watercraft are handy for a multitude of your travel needs.

Sailboats and rafts: The small ones will give you emergency transport but find or build one big enough and you have a handy floating house – remember to trick your deck out with weapons as you’ll be at risk from faster moving pirates. If you’re thinking of floating around long term, you’ll need to invent a few devices to see to your living needs. Drinking water will be at a premium so your priority is to find a stable source. If you can’t find one and you can’t guarantee regular trading for fresh supplies then you’ll need something to convert local resources to what you need. This is where a desalination device comes in useful, or if you’re really brave, a urine recycler.

A small on-deck garden of some sort would be useful for fresh fruit and vegetables, drag nets and baskets for fishing, solar and wave powered generators to let you power up any electronics such as radar, lights or communication devices. You’ll need alternate means of propulsion too, so make sure you have some form of propeller to take over when there’s not enough wind to fill your sails.

And, if at all possible, invest in a jetbike or a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) so you’ve got options for commuting to land and other boats, or scavenging the deeps for resources. If fuel is a problem, then kayaks or other small man-powered craft will do just fine.

Jetbikes & jetskies: Like their on land counterparts, give you speed and manoeuvrability but offer little in the way of storage space and are not recommended for long trips. However, for short trips, they’re aces! (Just watch the fuel levels, because cutting out in the middle of a wild chase is not the healthiest of things.) The vehicle of choice for pirates, thieves and raiders as well as reluctant heroes causing a distraction or attempting a daring rescue.

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV): Useful for short range stealth travel, when you absolutely just have to sneak past some dangerous looking sea farer. Also handy for filching submerged treasures from flooded sites of interest for use in trading for those essentials. Watch your nitro levels when resurfacing and you should be fine.

Rowboats, kayaks & surfboards: Slow, but have the benefit of not needing fuel while being small enough to paddle through narrow rivers and canals or along flooded streets. This makes them good for short trips to get supplies or visit the roof across the street for a party.

Speedboats, Zodiacs and other small motorized boats: Perfect for a quick getaway when you’ve just rescued someone’s prize slave, nicked the local dictator’s supplies or managed to make yourself the target of a swarm of crazed used-to-be-people who want to eat you.

Cruise ships, tankers and other large motorized boats: If you’ve got a large quantity of fuel to spare or know where you can trade for a regular resupply, then these monsters of the sea will let you keep a large group of survivors safe for a long period of time. Theoretically. Until someone goes insane or gets infected – so make sure you have quarantine and security measures in place.

Submarines: Claustrophobic as far as permanent accommodation goes but great for migrating large amounts of people across long distances which gives you a potential means to make a living in the post-apoc world. If you’re not lucky enough to own a sub, or lack the suitable knowledge to hot-wire one, then you’ll need to make sure you stockpile whatever is considered valuable in order to pay for passage. Make sure you get there early to get your place on board as subs that regularly ferry refugees will have a strict passenger limit policy in place and will quite happily leave you behind. Or shoot you. You’ll want to avoid that.

Happy sailing!

battleaxebunny out.

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