Guest Girl: MadameNottm Shoe badge winner

Now, as we all know, a lady always feels better when she’s got *just* the right shoes for an outfit. There may be recession, there may be doom and gloom, Skynet is well overdue for going rogue and the Zombie apocalypse is just around the corner – not to mention those blasted Mayans saying the world will end this year – but we’ll all sleep soundly knowing that we have the Perfect Pair Of Pumps ready to jump into when all hell breaks loose.

With all the warnings that have surfaced over the last few years it has been my own grail quest to search out and obtain the right equipment for every eventuality. After all, when the shit hits the fan, Monolo Blahnik and Christian Loboutin are hardly still going to be making those gems are they? (Although, when the world does end, I intend to trek to Harrods to dig myself in for the duration. This girl is SMART)
My search has been with you in mind dear reader and I can confidently say that I have THE wardrobe to cope with any eventuality.

So, in the interest of making sure that we, the fairer – not to say the STRONGER – sex survive, let me give you a short tour through part of my shoe wardrobe ideal for those end-of-the-world scenarios.
After all, there is never an excuse for not being properly dressed.

 Now you may immediately think that you need boots.
I have an original pair of Doc Marten ‘punk plaid’ boots. They are lovely if a bit heavy and the material is prone to fraying on the toes. So what you need is a pair of Doc Marten, gun-metal leather limited edition. They are flexible and have a darling row of sequins around the top and a low-key cross in Swarovski crystal on the heel. Tied with satin ribbon they are THE choice for fighting vampires. Team it with a stretch mini and opaque tights and you’ll the best dressed Vampire killer for miles. But sometimes you may want to strut around being the mercenary boss, sending your bounty hunters out to bring back the heads of the wanted. May I offer you the snakeskin leather pull up boot? A lovely – but manageable – four inch heel, knee length and very flexible. You can run in these ladies, and kick some serious butt when you catch the miscreant too.

It’s the 60’s. You’re Emma Peel. You must have these patent leather knee length red boots for your work. And they’re probably tax deductible too..
What? You can’t cope with heels all the time? Well, try these pink sparkly baseball boots. Ideal with your jeans and for those ‘just takin’ out the trash ‘ moments.
If your inner women is more of a jungle princess, try the leopard skin half boots. Small heel yet ideal for a quick kick to the knee cap. Popular with the corporate bitches with the power suit.

 Some of us girls will be getting back to nature in a big way. These Native American suede boots have the requisite tassels and a small chunky heel suitable for walking the Vale of Tears.
Save the cheerleader, save the world. These are the ultimate in sports shoes. A metallic electric blue, small platform and a chunky heel that will look great when you are busy coping with mutants.

Handy throwing stilettos. Both with a hidden platform, they are made by iron fist with apocalypse in mind. The first pair are a charming pink colour with images of sharks printed on them to frighten away lesser mortals. The second pair are named ‘zombie stompers’ – ideal for every situation from cocktail parties to post-apocalyptic zombie stabbing. And in a handy wipe-clean surface!

If you are planning an active end-of-the-world party, try these red leather spotty high heel Mary-Janes. Comfortable yet elegant, these heels are OFFICIAL NASCAR merchandise. Honestly. Not just suitable for drag racing.

But come on. The world has ended and you are obviously the Queen Bee. What you need are some pony-skin leopard skin 5inch heels. Strut around in these and crush the skulls of the fallen to dust under your heels.

Thanks to @MadameNottm for joining us and showing us a small sample of her enviable shoe collection. We award you the Shoe Badge Mish.

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