How to make friends and influence people, after the end of the world.

Thanks to samueljedwards for prompting this.

by honeybadger

We’ve talked about dating post apocalypse and about picking your team, but why would you bother? A simple human truth, we are gregarious. We need society, or we end up painting a face on a basketball.

So it’s inevitable, depending on the kind of apocalypse you might be better of alone than in a group, you will still seek out others. You will never know there intentions. in 28 Days Later our heroes head to the army base which should b safe, but rape is apparently on the agenda, even with children. Other members of your own species may want to steal your equipment and supplies, or worst case scenario, they may just plan to kill and eat you.

How then do you know who is a threat and who isn’t? Simple answer, you don’t. Never trust anyone. Your best friend when credit cards bills were your biggest problem, might cut your throat for a can of beans now the world has ended. Until you have worked and fought together you can’t even begin to trust them.

In which case what do you do? Well you can chance it and as they stab you in the back be thinking ‘but they had such an honest face’. you an get yourself a basketball, paint a face and shun humanity until society re establishes itself in pockets.

Or you can try and take a balanced view. When approaching a new person do so armed, with some emergency supplies buried nearby so if you are over powered and let for dead you aren’t completely without resources. Try to establish quickly what benefit each of you can bring to the table. Think of it as any other relationship, you each need to enhance the others survival chances to make it worth the risk. Unique selling point people. What have you got that is worth letting you live for? Failing that, be faster and more ruthless and take their stuff and leave them for dead.

Honeybadger out.

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