Know Your Apocalypse #1

So the apocalypse has happened/is going to happen, and your survival strategy is going to depend greatly on just what sort of apocalypse is occurring. So here is a quick list, and a few notes for each to help you out as a short ‘beginners’ guide as it were.

1. Zombies
The unrelenting horde. Most people here will now think of the traditional zombie, the dead person who gets back up again to eat brains. But this can also include people changed by disease, controlled by nano bots (this alone can be the topic of many a post). So its important to know what kind of Zombies you’re facing. If its contagious how does it get passed on? (For example if it’s blood splatter you do NOT want to go close combat or use a shotgun.) Are they fast or slow zombies? How smart are they? All this will affect your overall survival strategy.
2. Contagion
This is harder to protect yourself from, you’ll either be immune or you won’t. Perhaps you’ll live somewhere remote enough that you’ll survive long enough for them to possibly find a cure. This can also potentially lead on to situation #1. Major cities are not a place you really want to be, either during the outbreak or after (all those dead bodies). Or maybe its a disease that just causes sterility…
3. Global War
This is perhaps a more unlikely world ending scenario, and could be caused by many of the other scenarios, an all out war that doesn’t involve Nukes (see #4), is unlikely to touch the whole world. Yes bombs can destroy large areas but they don’t leave radiation behind, radiation that can spread to other areas. Although if you’re living in the conflict zone, supplies hard to get, shelter hard to find. where will you go? Still it does depend when this happens, perhaps in the future there might be devastating satellite mounted weaponry. Or perhaps weapons that could lead to #7 or #10. The causes behind this are many, is it humans just bickering as we do? Or is there something else behind it, a powerful AI? Much of this may be unimportant if your goal is simply to survive.
4. Global Nuclear War
If you’re very lucky, you will have some kind of military grade bunker or perhaps just perhaps be far enough away from the fall out zones to survive. Otherwise, well good luck with all that radiation. The ground will be irradiated, so will the water, there’s a possibility of dust clouds filling the atmosphere, meaning not much sunlight will get through, thus making it cold and harder to grow plants, have I mentioned the radiation? And finally there is the added fun of potential zombies. As with #3 there could be several causes of this.
5. Aliens
Are they invading to wipe us out and ‘take our stuff’ as it were. Are they capturing humans and taken them off-world as slaves (which doesn’t really cause the end of the world but is incredibly destructive)? Either way it’s war which could well lead to #4. And even if they come in peace this could lead to situation #2, with diseases jumping across species, which could cause major deaths on both sides. Or maybe they just want to make a hyperspatial express route, in which case survival is unlikely.
6. Robots/AIs/Genetically engineered creatures
So our creations have risen up and decided that humanity is too stupid/destructive to live? This could well cause both situations #3 and #2 (a smart AI might well try and engineer something to kill us off quickly). Get ready for a long hard slog, particularly if they’ve decided we need to be exterminated and not just culled and enslaved. Keep moving, carry a weapon(s) and find a base. Food could well become an issue.
7. Natural Disaster
Drought, flooding, earthquakes, ice ages, volcanoes. Some of these are ‘worse’ than others and may be more localised. Drought in some parts of the world, flooding in others, destroying shelter and food. Volcanoes are worse, potentially causing large scale dust clouds like #4, although you at least won’t have the radiation. Its possible that one of the other scenario’s is the cause of this, or perhaps it is simply the fact that we humans have messed the world up beyond repair.
8. Asteroids
Technically this does fall under #7, as there’s not a lot you can do about a large incoming asteroid. (No you can’t blow it up, it won’t affect the direction it’s going in, most of that mass is still coming towards the Earth. ) You could hope you get selected to go live in a fallout shelter, or perhaps be on the other side of the world from the impact zone.. although watch out for all those natural disasters it causes. Afterwards? Well again this is very similar to #4 minus the radiation.
9. Demons/Angels/Magic/Dragons etc
A tough one, that is not covered a great deal. They could very well change the nature of the world as we know it. Perhaps literally turning the world into hell on earth, still you may want to follow a similar strategy as #6, keep moving, carry weapons (it may not necessarily be guns) and find a safe haven.
10. Eldritch horrors
Actually if one of these breaks through and causes the apocalypse then your probably screwed, because who knows what these things can do, what they want. They could just turn the world into a ball of goo or simply melt our brains. These need to be stopped before the apocalypse happens and that way madness lies.

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