Know Your Enemy #1 Werewolves

What is a werewolf?
A werewolf is a human being that has been cursed, or more accurately, diseased, with Lycanthropy. It is a contagion that spreads through the saliva when bitten, much like rabies.
Contrary to popular belief, the werewolf does not fully transform into a wolf, but becomes a bipedal-canine, with a short muzzle, and a large muscular torso.
Most werewolves are experienced at living with the disease, and deserve your sympathy and understanding, as they are simply afflicted humans. The responsible werewolf will take preventative measures to secure themselves during their ‘moon time’ so that they are not a danger to the general public. The ones you have to watch out for are those that turn ‘rogue’. 
How to spot a werewolf
They say attack is the best form of defense, so you need to learn how to spot a werewolf. Have there been reports of attacks on humans or cattle that are being attributed to ‘large dogs’ in your area? If so, there is a good chance you have a rogue werewolf on your patch.
Werewolves are human for 95% of the time which makes them difficult to spot. However, 3 nights per month over the full moon period, they transform into slavering beasts.
If you suspect someone in your area to be a werewolf, check to see if they start to look hairier, or start to sniff people’s butt  around the time of a full moon.
Werewolves have a fast metabolism, so they will be almost constantly eating, without putting any weight on (unlike me who only has to look at a pizza to gain weight). Investigate to see if they are ordering large quantities of fresh red meat.
Do not underestimate the importance of a full moon calendar as part of your survival kit.
Defense against a werewolf attack
Silver is an obvious choice of protection, whether that is in jewelry form, armor, or a bullet. The metal is poisonous to werewolves and vampires alike. Please be aware that the purer the metal, the more potent the effect, so make sure you buy your silver jewelry from a reputable jewelers, and not Elizabeth Duke (Argos).
A plant known as Wolfsbane can also work pretty well as a deterrent, as the werewolf cannot stand its pungent odour. It will not serve as protection, but it could stop then crapping on your lawn.
How to kill a werewolf
If you want to be absolutely, and positively sure that you are going kill a rogue Lycan, rather than just maim or slow it down, you need to incur massive injury to the cerebral cortex, in the same way you would a zombie. Silver bullet to the head will bring down your average 300lb male werewolf no problem. How you deliver this is your own preference, but for me, its assault rifle all the way.
Decapitation is also pretty effective, particularly with a silver blade. Fire works well too, but you must ensure that the werewolf is completely destroyed by the fire as they have immense regenerative powers. Their transformation process usually heals 99% of all injuries. 
Enemy of mine enemy …
A werewolf, even in human form, is uncommonly strong. They instinctively hate the undead in all forms, as their increased olfactory sense is up to 20 times stronger than that of humans, and let’s face it – the dead stink.

In wolf form, they can easily rip any vampire or zombie, limb from limb.  If you discover a werewolf in your community, and they are not rogue, try making friends with him/her by baking some kibble flavoured cookies – you want this guy/girl on your side, as they could be a valuable asset or team mate.

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