Know Your Idols #1 : Sarah Connor

by Honeybadger

When contemplating survival of the apocalypse, a lot can be learnt from the women who have already faced it. With that in mind welcome to the ‘Know Your Idols’ series, where we will examine some of the toughest women in the field.

Sarah Connor is possibly one of the best known apocalypse heroine’s, not for her own survival, but because this ditzy waitress with a bad 80’s perm showed us that anyone can toughen up and train their kid to go on to save the species. Really what is more important than that?

What’s her deal?
Sarah Connor was a waitress/college student in LA who was destined to give birth to John Connor. Her son will be the one to save mankind and fight back against sky net after the rise of the machines.As a result machines are sent from the future to kill Sarah before she can give birth. They try again to get at her son in his teens. Sarah not only has to survive long enough to give birth to and raise John, but she has to develop all the skills he is going to need and pass them on to him, preparing him for his role in the future. Between T1 & T2 Sarah goes from ditz with big hair to lean muscular warrior woman of whom we are all in awe. Tough job being a mum, tougher job being John Connor’s mum.

The Terminator 1984
Terminator 2: Judgement Day 1991
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003 (our girl isn’t actually in this one and John is pretty whiny, but it’s good to know the enemy too)
Terminator Salvation: 2009 (post apocalypse, no Sarah)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2008 (Linda Hamilton replaced by Lena Headey, well worth a watch)

She Says
You’re terminated, fucker. – T1
There’s 215 bones in the human body. That’s one – T2

The apocalypse in this case was man made through AI, the machines rose up and destroyed humanity. Sarah herself does not survive but that’s not the point, her training and knowledge of the future save a small number of people who fight back, led by her son.
Sarah Connor is the Queen of preparation. All Hail.
Honeybadger out.

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