Know Your Idols #12 – Major Eden Sinclair

by battleaxebunny

Major Eden Sinclair is the Department of Domestic Security officer who gets picked to lead a team of soldiers and medical researchers on a desperate mission into the Scottish wastelands. Given what an unrelenting hard-ass she is, it’s no surprise that she’s the one that survives when everyone else falls to the axes and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

What’s her deal?
Welcome to the Scottish Apocalypse! In the world of Doomsday, Scotland has been walled off and quarantined after a lethal virus outbreak. As a child, Eden was one of the last to be evacuated and has since grown up to be a seriously ass-kicking soldier with a cybernetic eye she can pop out whenever she needs to see around corners or record incriminating video.

After London gets hit with the virus, she heads up the team who get sent to Scotland to search out survivors and the doctor who was working on a cure. But while she’s dedicated to her mission, she’s also got her own personal agenda – wanting to search out the home she barely remembers to reconnect with her long lost childhood.

But nothing in life is ever simple – there’s the small matter of Canaris, the power behind the English throne, who wants to use the new virus outbreak to his advantage; and then there’s the crazed Glaswegian cannibals and the mad scientist with his castle of medieval cosplay thugs to deal with. Luckily she’s good at multi-tasking.

Doomsday movie (2008)

She Says:
‘There’s something you don’t see every day.’
‘Same shit, different era.’
‘I’ll tell you what I’ve lost, I’ve lost my bloody mind.’
‘If you’re hungry, have a piece of your friend.’

She’s tough, resourceful, stony under pressure, lethal in combat and adept at improvising weapons from broken gadgetry. Utterly ruthless, she’ll keep her mind firmly fixed on her target and once the job is done thinks far enough ahead to prepare for future trouble (for example, getting the support of a small army of mad Scottish bastards just in case her enemies are stupid enough to go after her again.)
When the apocalypse hits, you definitely want Eden Sinclair on your side.

battleaxebunny out.

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