Know your Idols #13 – Martha Jones

by battleaxebunny

Doctor, time travelling tourist, freedom fighter, inspiration for Shakespeare, freelance alien hunter… Martha’s a woman of many talents. Her apocalypse lasted a year, and when it was over, a temporal reset ensured that hardly anyone remembered what she had done for the world. But during that year she was awesome, and continued to be so for long after.

What’s her deal?
Starting out a medical student from London, Martha’s experience of being teleported to the moon by a bunch of rhino-headed alien cops kicked off her adventures with a mad-man in a blue box. During this time she saved many lives, stopped several alien invasions and other related shenanigans and dealt, in a grown up manner, with a serious case of unrequited crush-hood.

When a deranged Time Lord (not the aforementioned mad-man…another one) took over the world with his army of mutated future-human flying cyborg balls of death, it was Martha Jones who was instrumental in thwarting his plans. She walked what was left of the world, working with the resistance and getting the survivors ready for the time when they’d all be needed to pull Plan Tinkerbell. (Safer not to question why the Time Lords come up with these bizarre plans, just let them get on with it…)

She was also fully prepared to destroy the Earth to stop a Dalek apocalypse and was only stopped by the Daleks teleporting her away at the last minute.

Doctor Who (new) series 3 and 4

She Says:
‘I can’t just be a passenger anymore.’
‘Know your enemy.’
‘No weapons, just words.’
‘Now then. I’m Dr. Martha Jones. Who the hell are you?’

Gutsy and determined, she meets every challenge with aplomb and a deadpan quip. She’s adept at figuring things out, highly skilled in the medical field and has plenty of experience in the art of surviving when the rest of the world has gone a bit tits-up . Martha Jones is a natural hero of the Apocalypse.

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  • Yes, Yes ,YES! 😀
    I’m always telling people that Martha’s the best new Who companion (and by ‘telling’ I mean going on about it until they start to look scared).

    She saved the world the long, hard, courageous, totally human way, without any fancy-wancy timey-wimey upgrades to do it.

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