Know Your Idols #14 Private Benjamin

by HoneyBadger

Ok so Private Benjamin didn’t survive or even face an apocalypse, but she is further proof that even a spoiled little fluff of a thing can grow up, toughen up and be ready for war.

What’s her deal?
Judy Benjamin is a bored, spoilt rich girl and she joins the army after seeing recruitment posters saying they send you to exotic places. She arrives with trunks full of make up and heaps of attitude and expectation to basic training where she gets a rude awakening. Through the film, she finds herself, toughs it out, becomes a good Private and valuable part of the team. Since she’s played by Goldie Hawn she also manages to look cute in fatigues.

It’s all about her personal journey rather than her ass kicking, but she is transformed from a useless socialite into a tough soldier and if she can do it any of us can. Although of course this was the 80’s so there is a lot of silliness in the film.

In fairness to Benjamin, she has had some tough breaks, her husband dies on their wedding night and she has to deal with sexual harassment in the army, so while this is in many ways a decidedly silly movie, there are still useful lessons to learn from our girl.

Research: Private Benjamin 1980

She says:
Oh god, you can’t mean me. I worked the night shift! Go check out the bathroom, it’s FABULOUS.
Don’t bad French artists have telephones?
Has anybody ever died from basic?

Judy Benjamin demonstrates the adaptability, spirit and remarkable inner toughness that ever apocalypse girl needs to be able to call on when the worst happens.

Honeybadger out.

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