Know your Idols #16 – Niobe

by battleaxebunny

The problem with prophecies is that they always tend to be a bit on the vague side and who in their right mind would trust a Chosen One? Evidence suggests that half the people in the Matrix would (and we make no comment about what this says about their mental stability) but Niobe is not so easily sold. Nevertheless, despite some decidedly hinky plans, she has enough belief in her comrades to step up and give them the benefit of her considerable talents.

What’s her deal?

Niobe is one of the human batteries released from captivity from the bio-electric farms run by the machine overlords. When inside the Matrix she’s got some serious combat skills, and outside of the Matrix her piloting skills are unmatched.

As captain of the Logos she has the benefit of the smallest and most manoeuvrable ship in the Zion fleet – but give her a fat-assed ship like the Hammer and she’ll consistently do the impossible. She performs evasive feats that no other pilot has previously dared and is willing to try even the maddest of plans.

Surrounded by strong willed and highly opinionated individuals she steers her own course, alway choosing to follow the best tactical path and managing to achieve her goals (even if her ship gets a little dinged in the process).

Matrix: Reloaded movie (2003)
Matrix: Revolutions movie (2003)

She Says:
‘What if all this, the prophecy, everything is bullshit?’
‘Don’t even think of trying to tell me what I can or can not do with my ship after that little speech.’
‘Some things in this world never change. .. Luckily… some things do.’

She isn’t afraid to stand up and be counted, even if it means committing to courses of action that her nearest and dearest aren’t keen on. She’s highly skilled and will dare everything to make sure her people stay safe so you’ll definitely want her with you when the machines takes over.

battleaxebunny out.

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