Know Your Idols #19 Officer Aeryn Sun

by Honeybadger

When John Crichton is pulled through a worm hole and ends up in a parallel universe accidentally causing the death of a Peacekeeper Captains brother it’s Aeryn Sun who pleads his case, admittedly on the grounds that he is helpless and stupid, but still.

What’s her deal?
Sun is a Sebacean, so looks human but isn’t and she was born into the Peacekeeper Corp. Her defense of Crichton gets her expelled from the only life she has ever known on the grounds of contamination. It also lands her on the run with a group of criminals on the Leviathan Moya. She’s tough, brave, resourceful and loyal and gradually learns to deal with life outside the military. Although technically this isn’t an apocalypse Crichton is removed from our world and Sun’s universe is comparable to many post apoc versions of space.

All seasons of Farscape!

She Says:
‘Pull it out, point it like a gun and shoot!’
‘And that’s the sound of our ship Moya under pressure. And this is the sound of an AKR maximum load ammo pack being chambered into a full grade full range pulse pistol.’
‘I’ll torture him, then I’ll kill him.’

Aeryn Sun is a tough military chick who will kill without hesitation for her friends. A sentiment I can admire.

HoneyBadger out

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