Know Your Idols #20 – Sally Solomon

by Hekate

As an alien in human form Sally is as likely to cause an apocalypse as she is to have to survive one. If Dick hadn’t insisted on packing his exercise bike she might have used a giant robot in order to teach the Earth a lesson. That said Sally -the only member of her exploration team who took female form- has saved Earth a few times. Most notably she defeated the machinations of the Venusian super models who enthralled the rest of her crew.

What’s her deal:
She’s the security officer and second-in-command of an intergalactic exploration team. She holds the rank of lieutenant, is a decorated veteran, a weapons expert and a lethal killing machine. She was assigned the female gender somewhat unwillingly at first, but after various false starts and a steep learning curve, she soon finds she wouldn’t swap. Sally’s mission is to masquerade as a normal female, American human and it’s one of the toughest challenges she’s ever faced.
Life at the Solomon household is insane as Sally lives with her 3 crewmates, who masquerade as her brothers and nephew in a strange approximation of family life. All 4 learn about human life, but Sally must experience the female condition by herself. She finds love (albeit slowly) with her cop boyfriend, Officer Don Orville. Sally’s sense of self rarely wavers, even if these weird human emotions do.

Research: Third Rock from the Sun, series 1 – 6.

She says:
“I’ve seen stuff that would make your eyes burst out of your sockets and splatter against the wall. In fact, I’ve seen that too.”

Sally: I injected him with a sedative. I’ve got at least two more hours.
Patty: Oh, we’re like Thelma and Louise, except we just came to the supermarket, and we haven’t killed anyone.
Sally: It’s early yet.

Sally is a seasoned warrior, an intergalactic explorer and a very dangerous woman. She’s perfectly happy with resorting to violence and isn’t afraid of using her womanly wiles (once she’s figured out roughly how they work) to protect the security of the mission.
Also she once beat up Mark Hamill in a restaurant.

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