Know your Idols #20 – Selena

by battleaxebunny

When the Rage virus swept the UK, there weren’t a lot or people who had the skills to stay alive and relatively sane but Selena managed it. She developed a keen survival sense that included becoming brutally efficient with a machete and setting explosive traps for swarms of infected.

What’s her deal?
Unlike your standard zombie apocalypse, the Rage virus hits fast, turning its victims rabid within about 20 seconds so survival means being able to react quickly. Luckily Selena is quite capable of this and will despatch the infected (or soon to be infected) without hesitation.

She started out a chemist, which would prove to come in useful when her backpack pharmacy was needed by her fellow survivors, and she has enough medical skills to patch up a shot wound when someone gets shot by a psychotic soldier.

And there are plenty of psychotic soldiers to deal with. When her small group of survivors responds to a sanctuary message they meet up with a group of squaddies with a very specific idea of what they want women for. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Selena holds her own, doing what she can to protect the teenage girl in her care until the odds even out.

And if that’s not bad enough, the soldiers have got a Rage infected soldier chained up in the back garden. Naturally, chaos and carnage ensues but Selena is one of the three left standing at the end of it and once she’s put her medical knowledge to good use (see above) the three survivors settle up north and prepare for rescue from the jets that have been patrolling the skies.

28 Days Later movie (2002)

She Says:
‘Let’s shop.’
‘Plans are pointless. Staying alive’s as good as it gets.’
‘If I never see another chocolate bar again, it’ll be too soon. Not counting Terry’s chocolate orange, of course. ‘

Whatever the situation, Selena adapts but if there’s the slightest chance you’re infected she’ll kill you immediately. She’s eminently practical, quietly determined, tough enough to see out a mass outbreak and not go completely insane, and as a bonus, she’s also got handy knowledge of drugs and basic medical skills. Definitely an asset in an apocalypse.

battleaxebunny out.

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