Know Your Idols #23 Commander Shepard

About 30 years ago humanity discovered the Mass Relay which allowed them to travel faster than light between systems in the galaxy. They discovered that other aliens where present throughout the galaxy and much of the galactic politics is managed via the Council (represented by a member of the three big races – Asari, Salarian, Turian) on a giant space station called The Citadel.
Whats her deal?
As an alliance soldier, Shepard becomes the first human SPECTRE (an arm of the Council that operate outside the law to help protect the galaxy). On her first mission, before she’s even qualified she stumbles across an ancient ruin that leads her to the discovery that a machine race known only as The Reapers systematically wipe out all advanced life in the galaxy every 50,000 years. It has been 50,000 years since their last appearance. There are many who don’t believe Shepard’s story, many who consider The Reapers to just be a myth. But with the help of her close knit crew and her ship The Normandy Shepard fights to keep The Reapers out of the galaxy and to avert the apocalypse. By Mass Effect 3 however The Reapers have arrived and its no longer a question of stopping the apocalypse but about fighting to survive an apocalypse of galactic proportions.

Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3
She says:

Commander Shepard: I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite store on the Citadel.
Nassana Dantius: Shepard! I thought you were dead.
Commander Shepard: I got better.

Gianna Parasani: You can’t bludgeon your way through bureaucracy, Shepard.
Commander Shepard: I can bludgeon pretty hard.

Commander Shepard: Sorry, but I’m having trouble hearing you. I’m getting a lot of bull**** on this line.

Shepard is tough and she fights every step of the way, even when the odds are against her, when no one believes the threat that is coming and a suicide mission is the only way to keep people safe she keeps going, fighting for the galaxy. What makes Shepard different to many of the idols listed so far is that YOU are the person playing her, you are the person making the decisions about how you’ll proceed. Whether your Shepard is a stickler for the rules or plays fast and loose her end goal is always to keep people safe and to prevent the Reapers from destroying all life in the galaxy. Again.

Note: Of course I know that Shepard can be male or female but my Shepard is always female, and out of everyone listed so far she is my biggest idol.

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