Know Your Idols #25 Miss Marple

Ok now hear me out… we don’t get to know Jane Marple until she is already elderly and even then she earns the epithet Nemesis from a rich, powerful, cantankerous old man. There is a lot we can learn from this elderly spinster from a Devon village.

What’s her deal?
Miss Jane Marple is an elderly spinster from St Mary’s Mead, a small village in Devon, not far from Torquay. The vilagers may see Marple as a nice but nosy old thing but many a murderer has fallen foul of her supremely sharp mind. Thing is, Marple messes with murderers all over the world, thanks to her endless network of nephews and friends from all walks of life, often putting herself in danger but she never falls foul of evil doers.

‘Aunt’ Jane is whip smart and extremely resourceful and once the local police accept that she is always right they usually cooperate.

12 novels and a number of short stories by Agatha Christie featured Miss Marple
Numerous film and TV versions however we recommend the Joan Hickson ones.

She Says:
Oh, dear. I’m afraid I must put a cat amongst the Inspector’s pigeons

Lawrence Redding: Nothing gets past you, Miss Marple, does it?
Miss Jane Marple: [smiling] Hardly ever, young man.

Murder is never simple. We would be foolish, stupid, to ignore any possibility.

Miss Jane Marple: [realizing who committed the murder and how it was done, smiling] How clever! [then frowning]  How wicked!

and almost as thought it was written for the apocalypse girls
We’re all very ordinary in St. Mary Mead, but ordinary people can sometimes do the most astonishing things.

Miss Jane Marple: Don’t look so frightened, my dear. I’ve done my quota of murders for today.

Miss Jane Marple is a great example of brains over brawn and that even the frail can achieve a great deal with courage, determination and wit. As apocalypse girls we should all keep in mind that out muscled does not mean out manoeuvred. One also wonders what Jane Marple was like as a young women, given all her connections it does not make sense that she spent her whole life being proper in an English village.

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  • I’d forgotten about her network of nephews, I guess I’m one step towards that.

    Also I’m reminded of a paraphrased quote from TBBT
    “This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a nephew.”

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