Know Your Idols #4 Tank Girl

by Honeybadger

Tank Girl is a punk hero, drinking, smoking, indulging in cross species sex (her boyfriend is kind of a kangeroo), she drives and lives in a tank, takes an irreverent approach to everything and seems largely to be out for a good time and a little mayhem. Our girl’s real name is Rebecca Buck but no one really calls her that.

What’s her deal:
In the Tank Girl movie, the apocalypse is less dramatic than most resulting from a lack of water, the remaining of which is controlled by an evil corporation (a lot of those feature in apocalypse media) and Buck is pretty much just trying to survive. Although in the end she will have to bring down the evil corp (evil corp is evil) she isn’t setting out on any great and noble mission, it’s all about personal survival. She has a smart mouth and tonne of issues and a tank, what more do we need? Lori Petty did a great job in this role. I’m not sure if the set up is different in the comics that spawned her, or whether the reason for the harsh world is ever explained, feel free to clarify in the comments if you know.

Tank Girl movie 1995
Tank Girl comics by Hewlett and Martin

She Says:
Now – everybody throw down your guns or I scrape off all her make up!
Oh, I’m gonna hit you so hard, your children will be born bruised!

This time we have a blend of climate change and evil corporation giving us our apocalypse, and a mouthy punk heroine with a raucous approach to life. Also, she has a tank. A rather less serious view of life than our previous idols.

Honeybadger Out

2 Responses to Know Your Idols #4 Tank Girl

  • MadNad says:

    I adore Tank Girl – she is probably my second fave female comic book character after Death.

  • Squeaks says:

    In the movie, the explanation for *why* there was an apocalypse is explained in the first five minutes. The voice-over says that there was a meteor (or comet, or whatever), that struck the earth and destroyed just about everything. The water shortage has a lot to do with it having not ‘rained in eleven years.’

    I don’t know about the comics.

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