Know Your Idols #5 The Bennet Sisters

A mysterious plague as taken over England, turning the dead into the undead, whose only love is dripping brains. No one is safe. It is a world not measured by status defined by money but how many unmentionables you have slaughtered. In this world, the Bennet girls find their place in society elevated, making them excellent matches for eligible bachelors. Commanded by the king to defend all of Hertfordshire from all enemies until such time as they are dead, rendered lame, or married.

What’s their deal?
Zombies have taken over England, causing death destruction and seriously hampering a girls chances of getting a suitable date.

Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Catherine and Lydia are sisters trained by their father, MrBennet, to be some of the deadliest fighters in all of England. Accomplished warriors, comfortable in the use of a wide range of weapons and like all cultured ladies, they attended the finest finishing school, a ninja academy.

However, the aim of every delicate young lady during an apocalypse is to find a husband. Whilst many women may have been hampered by the customs of the day, the Bennet sisters don’t allow a bustle to block their hustle. Their mother, Mrs Bennet, spins various plans to help her daughters get married and is excited to meet Mr Bingley, and his friend Mr Darcy. Whilst Jane immediately lowers her defences for Mr Bingley, Elizabeth takes an instant dislike to Mr Darcy and they practice more than verbal sparring, with Mr Darcy being impressed with Elizabeth’s use of weapons. With plot twists galore, they eventually find love.

With ninja throwing stars, swords, daggers strapped to their ankles, the Bennet girls sure know how to accessorise. However, it should be noted that even in times of need, the Bennet girls always maintain their ladylike grace, choosing not to carry a musket as it’s deemed ‘unladylike’.

‘Pride & Prejudice and Zombies’ by Jane Austin and Seth Grahame-Smith 2009

They say
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.

Elizabeth: ‘Your balls, Mr. Darcy?’
Darcy: ‘They belong to you, Miss Bennett.’

Elizabeth: ‘Thank you, but I should rather my gown be soiled than my honor.’

Elizabeth sheathed her sword, knelt behind him, and strangled him to death with his own large bowel.

Elizabeth: “I can’t help but notice, your ladyship, that you are running out of ninjas.’

Falling in love does not stop the Bennet sisters from fulfilling their duties, killing zombies and rocking ankle-length fashion, proving that girls of the apocalypse can have it all.

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