Know Your Idols #7: River Tam

by Honeybadger

You have to love Joss Whedon, he gives us so many inspiring role models. Although technically not an apocalypse, earth is none the less a used up husk in River Tam’s world and the existence of the Reavers on the fringes of space as well as the fairly evil empire The Alliance running everything (our evil corporation substitute) Firefly brings us close enough.

What’s her deal?
River Tam is a child genius whose doctor brother risked everything and rescued her from a government facility. She is mentally broken, part child, part weapon, all a little bit fruit loopy. River earns her place on the crew and singe handedly saves them all from a massive Reaver attack in the movie, which takes place after the series.
Not only a deadly fighter River has premonitions and is still exceptionally clever, making her a valuable member of the team inspite of her unpredictable nature. This girl an handle pretty much anything thrown at her.

Firefly 2002
Serenity 2005

She Says:
Bible’s broken. Contradictions, false logistics – doesn’t make sense
Jayne is a girl’s name

An icon for the slightly nuts, a fantastic fighter and in her own way utterly loyal. I would take the crazy to be this awesome. Her apocalypse is Miranda and the Alliance, it’s the march of progress and the destruction of a simpler way of life.

While we are on Firefly, we need to acknowledge some other heroine’s in the series.
Kaylee – little Kaylee who is so sweet and kind and fun and never gives up or backs down no matter how terrified she is. Not as fearless as the rest of them, but absolutely as brave.
Nandi – only appeared in one episode but this one time companion set up her own whore house and protected her girls fiercely from the local thugs. She was absolutely a heroine, all courage, grace and gunfights.
Honeybadger out.

2 Responses to Know Your Idols #7: River Tam

  • One of my fave River quotes ‘Also, I can kill you with my brain’. Hilarious, deadpan delivery. Too many great women on this show/movie – Zoe who’s loyal to Mal but would kill for her hubby, Inara (‘That’s not incense) and the fabulous Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda who will do whatever it takes to survive while maintaining a stunning up-do.

  • itzmike19234 says:

    River Tam is so hot specially the pic above! 😀

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