Know Your Idols #8: Deunan Knute

A tough non-nonsense soldier, Deunan is highly skilled in handling guns, explosives and at hand-to-hand. She’s one of the top Landmate pilots (armoured suits). She’s survived an apocalypse and helps to protect the last remaining city in the world.

Whats her deal:
Having fought through and survived the third global war, Deunan is captured and brought to the Utopian city of Olympus where she joins ES.W.A.T. Most of the civilised world has collapsed, the USA no longer exists, its just a wrecked wasteland and Olympus is the only remaining bastions of civilisation, which aims to rebuild the world in a more peaceful light. ES.W.A.T’s (Extra-Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics) job is to enforce the law and keep the peace. Keeping Olympus safe is no easy job, particularly when factions within the city decide that humans aren’t worthy to inherit the earth and feel that the genetically engineered bioroid race (who have superior biology) are the only ones who should survive.

Appleseed Movie
Appleseed (Manga)
Appleseed OVA
She says:
“Even if we’ve been kicked out of Eden , we have to try to survive! We have to believe the future is what we make of it.”
A kickass fighter, who stands up for what she believes in. Depending on whether you watch the movie or read the manga then her apocalypse is either a non-nuclear conflict however where over half the Earth’s population was killed. Or in the manga this is the fourth(!) global war which happens some years after the third, which went nuclear. So she’s survived one apocalypse and is now helping to protect Olympus from experiencing another one. She never gives up.

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