Know Your Idols #9 – Starbuck

by Honeybadger

Starbuck started life as a man, but brushing over that she is now the hottest, cigar smokin’, poker playin’ ass kickin’ member of the Battlestar Galactica crew.

What’s her deal?
Once a pyramid ball player, now a Viper pilot, Starbucks planet was destroyed by a robot race called ‘Cylons’ she’s a survivor and a pilot on Battlestar Galactica as it tries to find the planet where they believe humanity began. The Cylons want to wipe them out, there are too many people and too few resources and there are enemies among them. It’s a battle to survive every day. Starbuck is beautiful, tough and smart.

Battlestar Galactica Series: 2004 – 2009

She Says:
Me in a dress is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
That’s my Raptor wranglers, always looking for new and interesting ways to get killed.
Fear gets you killed. Anger keeps you alive.

I love Starbuck, she is my favourite thing about the series and balances sexy and tough brilliantly. This girl makes me want to light a cigar and pick a fight. Also, her world has actually ended, in a blinding and undeniable flash of light, any of her friends could actually be cylons and the only person who really knows anything has one of the things living in his head.

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