Know Your Idols, honorary mentions #1

By honeybader

There are many women out there who don’t make it. Heroines we can learn a lot from and admire even though they just aren’t quite tough or lucky enough to still be standing when the credits roll.

These women deserve to be recognised too, for what they can teach us.

Thelma & Louise

Two housewives pushed to the edge, have their own personal apocalypse. Our girls run away from home for a weekend, shoot a would be rapist, get robbed, commit armed robbery at a gas station and rather than give themselves up to the feds…  well you know how it ends.

I love these chicks, for everything that went horribly wrong and the sad ending, they took control of their lives and went out together, hand in hand and laughing. Find the Thelma to your Louise and take the world by storm girls.
they say:
Louise : You’ve always been crazy, this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself.
Thelma : I’ve had it up to my ass with sedate.

The next honorary mention is for Carolyn Fry.

Pitch Black may be the first of the Riddick films but the real star of the movie is the pilot and cop Carolyn Fry. She is the humanity and the real person toughness next to Riddick’s not entirely human character. Fry fights to try and save everyone, the kid, the murderer, the priest, anyone who makes it out of their does so because she forces Riddick to be just a little compassionate and she toughs it out hard.

Tough, smart, compassionate, Fry owned this film and she almost made it.

she says ‘Cause you’re 79 kilos of gutless white meat, and that’s why you can’t think of a better plan. ‘
gotta love her.

back with more amazing tough chicks who don’t quite get to the end soon.

HoneyBadger out

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