Library of the Apocalypse: Christmas with the Dead

As the nights draw in and the zombies stumble over your attempts at Christmas-ing up the front garden, what better thing is there than to pick a drink from the cocktail cabinet and settle down with some post apocalyptic reading.

Today’s recommendation is a short story by Joe R. Lansdale – Christmas with the Dead – which can be found in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #22 (ed. Stephen Jones).

So what’s it about?
Well, my darlings, it’s a beautiful tale of Christmas in the zombie apocalypse and one man’s quest to decorate his house and do a little Christmas shopping. There are clever tricks to avoid the shambling hoards mixed in with the sad story of the Christmas that zombiefied the local populace and a rather sweet ending that will tug your heartstrings. Oh, and Buffy gets a cameo. Of sorts.

Wonderfully written with some nifty dark humour this is an apocalyptic must-read.

Battleaxebunny out.

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