Movie Week – Dog Soldiers

by GClarkHellery

Men in uniform, werewolves and Sean Pertwee, what more can you need for a Saturday night in?

A group of soldiers are on maneuvers in Scotland, but they are not alone.

Werewolves on the loose in Scotland!

The werewolves do what werewolves do best – the maul and main with lots of blood and growling, unlike some of the more ‘cuddly’ versions recent movies have given us. The costumes and movements for the werewolves are stunning (director Neil Marshall cast ballet dancers as the werewolves so they are very graceful) and the camaraderie of the men is brilliant. Running jokes, such as the England v Germany football match, run through the film to lighten the mood but it has it’s dark and scary moments as well.

Possibly my favourite scene is Sean Pertwee (did I mention I’m a fan??) is locked in the toilet (sorry ‘carzy’) with werewolves trying to get in. Hilarious and scary at the same time.

Described as ‘A Bitch of A Movie’ we all have that ‘wrong time of the month’ when we shouldn’t be around people – especially people with guns!

I’d say it’s the near perfect couple movie: there’s enough action for the blokes, but enough intrigue and mystery (and did I mention Sean Pertwee??) for the girls. Enjoy.

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