Movie Week – Stonehenge Apocalypse

by battleaxebunny

You just can’t trust ancient monuments. One moment they’re giving you a nice bit of tourist income, the next they’re going psycho and trying to destroy the Earth with freaky hand-wavy electromagnetic powers.

Presenting, for the destruction of your last crumbs of sanity: Stonehenge Apocalypse.

Starring (amongst others who probably don’t want to be named) one ex-angel (Misha Collins), one ex-Stargate officer (Tori Higgins) and one ex-immortal (Peter Wingfield) – their mission: to foil an evil cult ensconced in a secret pyramid in Maine and find the device that turns Stonehenge off.

Stonehenge refuses to take this lying down. It rousts its other evil ancient monument friends in a conspiracy of worldwide destruction and is also quite capable of smacking down any modern weaponry that gets used against it.

Also, did I mention, Stonehenge moves. Bet the druids never knew that…

battleaxebunny out.

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