Movie Week – The Core

(posted by Daystar)

You know how, some days, you wake up and the Earth’s core has stopped spinning, condemning everyone on the planet to certain death within a year?
Yeah. Don’t you just hate that?
What you need is a sensitive-yet-brilliant geologist (Aaron Eckhart), a sensitive-yet-brilliant pilot (Hilary Swank) and a decidedly insensitive-but-brilliant egomaniac scientist (Stanley Tucci) to jump-start the planet with a nuclear bomb delivered directly to its core in a laser-powered ship built of unobtanium.
And an unlimited supply of Hot Pockets.
A film so exceptionally apocalypse-centric that it decided to throw all the rules of science out of the window (when last seen, they had settled into a steady geosynchronous orbit somewhere over Miami), this one is all about the set-pieces.
When Rome’s exploding and the Golden Gate Bridge melts, you know things have got bad…
—Daystar out—

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