Movie Week – We are telling you ours, tell us yours

This is an open invitation to apocalypse fans of any gender to share their favourite apocalypse movies, tell us what it is and why you love it, share links to trailers, get stuck in. The Apocalypse will effect us all in the end.
You can check out our choices so far under Themed Fun.

not sure where this artwork came from but it’s beautiful

2 Responses to Movie Week – We are telling you ours, tell us yours

  • Colin says:

    My fav apocalypse has got to be the much maligned Arnie classic ‘End of Days’. It’s truly spectacular in scope, pitting a down-trodden and frankly a bit crap Arnie against Satan himself.

    It’s glorious in its total naffness, but the gritty desire of Arnie (I can’t remember the character name, it’ll be on IMDB somewhere) to overcome the ultimate evil transcends the film.

  • hagelrat says:

    some of the best apocalypse movies are a bit naff. Th Stuff certainly is. I sort of feel as though Tremors should get an honourable mention too although it was a very local apocalypse scenario.

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