Music for the Apocalypse #15: Don’t Fear the Reaper, by Blue Öyster Cult

by Ro Smith

This is an all time favourite of mine and true Apocalypse Classic.

I first heard this song as the intro to The Stand (which you may recall also introduced me to that other great song, ‘Eve of Destruction’ – a pretty good soundtrack all round, to be fair). I was obsessed with that miniseries. I’d just finished reading the three Dark Tower volumes that were out at the time, and I was jonesing for Kingsian apocalypse. The Stand came out on telly just as I was going on holiday, and I insisted that we tape all of it so I didn’t miss any. Meanwhile, I bought both the uncut edition of the book from WHSmiths and the original version of The Stand from a flea market. That’s how much I was into it. Later, loving this song so much, but living in the era before mp3 downloads and unable to find it in the shops, I taped it right off the TV show, with my tape recorder up next to the speakers. In fact, I got the whole of the opening sequence prior to the song as well. Which means I kind of learnt the opening lines the way the way you might learn lyrics.

A bit crazy? Mayhap so, but it’s a bloody good song. Here it is as the intro:

Awesome apocalypse images there, am I right?

And, for good measure, the song in full:

All our times have come…

Apocalypse Womble out.

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