New Years Resolutions for the Pre-Apocalyptic Girl

Well here there goes another year and what do you have to show for it?

Everything, YOU ARE ALIVE!! If the only thing you have to worry about is staying alive then you did great. But if you are one of those that just wishes to do more than just exist then this is what you need to do.
Girls we need to get you ready for the end of the world, however it may come. Zombies, Aliens, Spam, Nuclear war, Mayan calender mass suicides or the rapture, you need to be ready.
Here are a few things to put on your do before 12-20-12, which I think is the first predicted end of the world…again.
1. Cardio…can’t stress enough. Get on a exercise plan. You don’t need to run marathons just out last the guy next to you.
2. Weapons, pick a weapon you like and learn the hell out of it. Become one with your gun, sword, knives, rocket launcher or bows. Nothing sucks more than a person who can’t use their weapon properly.
3. Back up plans for back up plans. Learn to play chess if you have to. You need to be strategical.
Know your weaknesses and your strengths and your enemies.
4. Have a hideaway. Batman had the Bat Cave, Superman had the Fortress of Solitude and you have…a condo in Miami surrounded by Aliens whom are sucking peoples brains while in their homes. NOT! Find another place to hole up.
5. And lastly, make sure your family is up to this also. Remember, they will look to you since you are prepared. You will have to step it up and make the hard decisions. Like the one to leave your mother-in-law behind because well she smells funny. And we all know zombies have a keen sense of smell, I know its a tough one but so are you.
Now you have the first five of your list. What are some more that we can add?

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