Our Lifeline – what happens?

I’m writing a post apocalyptic piece myself at the moment, it’s more speculative fiction than anything – but it did get me thinking …
The internet, the lifeline of the world, the umbilical cord that connects us all. How would it survive? Is it possible for the cyber world to exist after, say, a 3rd world war? Or a zombie attack? Or a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and/or nuclear) attack?

Certainly with the possibility of a 3rd world war I would expect the warfare to be “gang” based, religious groups, anti-government, anti-establishment and so on rather than country on country. The Mutual Assured Destruction doctrine is a scary agreement; enough to stave off a nuclear attack, but those behind the faces of their government and countries are able to stoke the fire in other ways. Reduced trade agreements, higher taxes, propaganda, the list is endless.

Let’s say, that this happens, that the current economic crisis occurring world wide deepens, global warming intensifies, not enough rice and crops are grown and it happens to an extent that wars and riots occur throughout the world, spreading like a disease.

How do you think the cyber attacks would happen? Are we talking a fire sale attack? A concentrated and organised virus implemented into all government and security programmes? The Stock Exchange tampered with?

I’d be really curious to hear other people’s thoughts …

I guess this post is more of a musing than anything, perhaps food for thought?

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