Picking you team #4 – Feed me Seymour

Ana Pascal gets mad

by Honeybadger

Ok it’s easily overlooked and usually is in the movies but the fact is when canned food runs out you are going to need someone who knows how to do more than heat a can of Staggs chilli. Well done, you caught a rabbit or a fish, now what do you do with it to make it edible?

Monica Gellar can out arm wrestle giant bunnies, then into the pot.

You need a chef. Someone who can take raw ingredients and feed the team. You never see it two years on in the moves when little societies get going in quiet areas, crops coming through just fine, live stock producing again and all the cans long gone and non one knows how to make bread or cheese. Anarchy people. Society is built on shared meals, you have to have a chef.

Obviously because this is the apocalypse they do need to be reasonably capable of handling themselves and quick on their feet, but mostly they need to be able to feed a hungry team after a day of fighting off zombies, with something that isn’t going to send them all to sleep.

Do not overlook the importance of a good cook in your long term planning.

Honeybadger out.

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