Picking your Team #1 – Who’s in charge?

by Honeybadger

Although most apocalypse movies follow an ass kicking individual who survives again and again while those with her always die, Buffy has taught us the value of a team and i’m pretty sure the Firefly girls could hold their own anywhere.

Through this series I am going to consider the make up of a good generic team that should see you through most apocalypse scenarios.

It’s important for any group that they answer to one voice in a crisis. Pick your leader carefully, they need to be calm under fire, quick thinking and sure of themselves in the middle of a fight. Outside of an emergency they need to be able to maintain the group’s morale, identify individuals strengths and weaknesses and work out who can offer advice worth heeding. They do not need to be the best long term strategist, they just need to be able to listen to whoever is.

Good leaders are big picture people who identify the right people to deal with details. If this doesn’t sound like you, who do you know that it does sound like? Got someone? When the apocalypse happens, find them and make sure they know you have useful skills worth keeping you alive for.

Even the Princess of Power recognised the value of a team

If this is you, then you will have to make the hard decisions, who do you send on probable suicide runs? With limited rations who do and don’t you allow to take up room in your vehicle? It’s your job to shoot the infected before they turn and kill everyone, in the face of inevitable bleeding heart opposition. Treat it like a cult of personality, if one person questions you at a critical moment you could all die, so they have to believe in your leadership.

Remember, as tempting as it is, especially for these types, to go it alone, if you live any length of time you are going to need people around you to help build a life, so as the leader you need to pick your team with care and protect the most valuable assets. I’d also recommend getting some skills sharing going on, just in case your only medic buys it.

Honeybadger out

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